‘Timely Donation’


Liberia’s international Hip-Co rapper, Jon Bricks, through his Zama Plus International Foundation, has donated several food and detergent items to the Love a Child orphanage.

During the visit to the orphanage, the rapper, accompanied by his Chinese girlfriend, stayed and played with the 36 children for about an hour and signed autographs for them.

While presenting the items to the home on ELWA highway, Bricks said that he decided to identify with the children because he wanted to give them the sense of belonging they deserved.

The items donated include eight bags of rice, a dozen tissue rolls, three sacks of bottled mineral water, a gallon of cooking oil, along with two cartons of detergent, among others.

He said, “I grew up in Liberia, so I know the struggle less privileged children have to go through every day. But whenever I make these gestures it is not for any popularity, it’s about giving back to the country that made me.”

The rapper encouraged the children not to be discouraged because they are orphans but should see themselves as Liberian children, who have the right to live and access good health and education among others.

“Even though my organization is not large in terms of funding, I promise that the relationship established here today will go a long way. I pledged to extend my help at any time when you need me. I will always be with you children and will never forsake you,” Bricks assured the children.

Moreover, Bricks appealed to the employees at the orphanage to constantly show love to the children, and give them the education that is required for developing good character.

He disclosed that the money used to buy the items was made possible through his three day Diva Dream Alive concert.

In separate remarks, the children and Evelyn W. Dahn, caregiver at the orphanage, described the donation as “very timely,” and would be forever remembered.

“We were running low on food and detergents until you came to our rescue. Our Children used to eat three times a day but after supplies ran low, we switched to one meal a day. With this donation they are going back to their normal times of eating.

“I hope that this will not be the last as we are seeking more help and we promised that the donation will be used for the right intent.” Madam Dahn said.

In another related development, Jon Bricks was able to tour two other schools and My Heart Appeal, an international organization that caters to children with Down Syndrome, promising to help them in the near future.


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