Three Ways Upcoming Liberian Musicians Can Break into Mainstream Music


Nowadays, breaking into mainstream music requires lots of hard work and personal sacrifice, including learning the tricks that can make it work. No matter how talented you are, failure is certain if you don’t put your feet to work.

However, don’t forget to make a good song with a catchy hook that people can easily relate to or else you will sweat for nothing.

1. Have an Official Look
No matter how smooth your voice is, looking official adds value to your quest to break into mainstream music. This makes you a stand out upcoming artist among your peers, who are trying to break into the music industry as well.

In the music industry, professionalism matters; therefore, whenever you look professional, people respect you and take you serious. Looking professional is simple: first, contact a good graphic designer and get a neat, authentic and customized logo.

In addition, make sure to get an official website ( and always use the same logo, pictures, name, domain and format in all your internet appearances.

Also create an official Twitter and Facebook fan page profile for your music, which end result will be creating a corporate identity for you and your music.

A strong look does not only make you look professional but makes your brand stand above the competition. And your online presence, which is very important like your physical appearance, will flourish.

Lastly, make sure your music industry website is consistent with everything else to maximize functionality.

2. Remember the best things are not free!
In life nothing good comes easily. You just have to pay the price for success, and if you are not willing, then forget about music, because money matters. This is the truth: the service of top disc jockeys, publicists, and renowned bloggers are not free. They live by what they do, so hiring their services to get your music out there is worth a lot. They have the fan base and in the twinkle of any eye, they can blow you up.

3. Take Street Promotion Serious
As an upcoming artist, the easiest way to blow is to have a single that has both radio and street appeal. This helps your music to blow fast, regardless of who you are.

In the music industry, street appeal matters. So to gain street appeal for your single do these things:

Firstly, share your city into areas. Locate the popular joints and restaurants in each area. Secondly, visit each of them and leave your single there as well as target motor parks and talk to the drivers to help promote your song by just playing it.

This may be time consuming but it pays a lot. The end result for doing this is that when people move from one joint to another, most especially the popular ones, and continues to hear the same music they will fall in love with it easily, while at the same time turning them into your fans.

In addition, give your song to the guys who are transferring music on the street for free, because most people get their songs from them, which they play over and over again. The end result is they will be your fan.

Don’t rush, do this step by step before you get tired soon. However, if you have the budget for unlimited radio airplay, then no need for this.


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