Three Things You Don’t Know About JB


JB of the group Soul Fresh is one of the most accomplished rap artists in Liberia’s struggling music industry. The man has won more than four awards and sold thousands of ticket at concerts. But there is a lot that many people don’t know about him.

JB and his boyhood friend Shinning Man, who form the super group Soul Fresh, came into mainstream music about 8-years ago with the hit single ‘Monrovia Skatta’ – which was a commercial success.

Below are three interesting facts you may or may not know about this gifted rapper…

  1. JB might appear to be friendly person but that is not the case. This guy is a very shy person who just don’t go around people he does not know. He is a God fearing brother that loves going to church; and he always pays his tithe.
  2. While it is true that JB is not that big physically, the brother is a real eater, which he has been since his childhood. His favorite food is palm butter. But he loves to train and stay healthy though.
  3. JB is the kind of person that loves to be by himself. Even among his friends, the artist does not really talk much; but when it comes to the mic, he is outspoken. He said he’d hate to be a liability on people, something he has never been since becoming a man.



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