Three reasons Why F Dot A Dot is Going to Be Liberia’s Most Trendy Artist


Faquama Anthony Deline, (commonly known as F Dot A Dot), is a Liberian born R&B/Afro-Pop singer, song writer and radio station manager. He is best known for his powerful and flexible tone, which earns attention each time he releases a song. His already devoted fan base has grown a very sturdy social media presence with over 50,000 followers on YouTube, Twitter and a couple thousand on FaceBook since his debut.

His new single “Desire” (feat. Chidinma), is one of the selected videos by Trace Africa and MTV Base. The ground breaking video “Desire” accumulated over 60,000 views in just one month and the song has racked up weeks of play on Trace and MTV Base.

F.A. was featured on Sheik Bassirou Entertainment’s Mali Unification Tour on April 9, 2016 alongside DJ Kess, Flavor, J-Martins, and a few other stars.

There are a variety of reasons why anyone would love F.A., but here are three:

1) Durability: F.A. began his singing career as a child in a choir, went solo in the 90s and began writing his own songs and lyrics as teenager. For 20 years F.A. did not only single-handedly revive his dream to become an artist, but he has become the most influential, versatile and hard working artist in Liberia.

2) Career Resume: F.A. is the mastermind behind his album release, ‘Foreign Affairs’, which dispersed track titles such as “What’s Your Name”, “Always”, “Give it to Me”, and released singles like “Bartender” and “Jebbeh” that stormed Liberia’s club scene. It was the perfect time for F.A. to not only capitalize on becoming the best singer, but the best known in Liberia’s ever growing music industry. During one of the worse disasters in Liberia’s history, F.A. was among the first wave of celebrities offering help by way of donations, benefit concerts, and more. F.A. collaborated with DenG and Soul Fresh and released an extensive anti-Ebola song free of charge. During that period, there was hardly a song on radio without F.A. singing “Ebola is real”.

3) Creativeness: F.A. as of now has no competition in the singing game. That is because he legitimately produces unthinkable verses and features on songs that other artist cannot mimic.


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