Three Fruits in Liberia Good for Your Health


Liberia, Africa’s oldest republic, is blessed with so many things from s beautiful coastline to half of the remaining West African rainforest, which contains some species that just cannot be found anywhere else in Africa.

Liberia is rich in heritage, wildlife, culture, and a huge potential in ecotourism. But do you also know that Liberia is rich in many exotic tropical fruits that are good for your health, and that they are abundant and easy to get?

Below is the list of exotic fruits you should definitely eat while in Liberia.

1. Breadfruit
Breadfruit contains a moderate level of important vitamins and minerals and is rich in riboflavin, iron, niacin, and thiamin.
As one of undervalued fruits in the country, breadfruit can be eaten in several ways, like having it fried, cut into pieces, boiled like cassava with a drop of pepper sauce, or cooked like dumboy with pepper soup and palm butter.
Breadfruit, which smells nice and tastes sweet, is good for the body’s resistance against infections, is a source of energy, omega 3-fatty acid 6, and so much more.
The good news is breadfruit is cheap in Liberia and is on the market around June and December.

2. Rambutan/Litchi
Rambutan, rich in carbohydrate, fats, protein, prosperous, iron, Vitamin C and calcium, helps decrease unwanted fat, cures fever, strengthens bones, among other things, is abundant in Liberia.
Commonly known as “money apple” in Liberia, Rambutan is mostly available during the rainy season and can be seen at every market place or along the roads in the counties.
Apart from being abundant, the fruit comes in two different strands – yellow shell and dark red – that are tasty and juicy. The good news is Rambutan is cheap in Liberia.

3. Ambarella
Known in Liberia as “golden plum,” Ambarella is rich in Vitamin C, and contains dietary fiber and Vitamin B complex. The fruit is abundant in Liberia from August to September.
Ambarella, which is best served ripe, can be eaten unripe as well with a dash of pepper and salt. Also, during the season, market women can extract juice from Ambarella, which they serve with ice.
Good news: Ambarella is cheap and affordable. Anyone can buy it.


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