This Peace We Have…


By Josiah F. Joekai Jr.

This peace we have when the sound of the guns

Can no longer be heard

And gun barrels are no longer

The source of authority

When the rich, poor and dejected

Can now all fellowship together

This peace should last forever

Oh, how I longed for this peace we have

This peace we have

Where the voiceless can now be heard

Where citizens no longer live in fear

Where the agony of the dagger is gone

And people need no longer shed tears

Oh, how I cherish this peace we have

This peace we have

With reconciliation as our guide

People are moving so fast

When love and unity transcend hate

Peace and stability are assured

Oh, what a blossoming peace we have

This peace we have

When education overcomes illiteracy

Progress beats back backwardness

Unity supersedes ethnicity

The strong protects the weak and disabled

Oh, what a durable and lasting peace we have

This poem was written in commemoration of ten years of interrupted peace enjoyed by Liberians following years of civil unrest. The Author’s inspiration was drawn from the firm resolve of citizens not to return to conflict.

As a true patriot, the poem is a reflection of the Author’s immeasurable contributions to his country’s post-conflict recovery efforts and the sustenance of genuine peace in Africa’s oldest Republic, Liberia.


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