This ‘Duke’ Wants to Make You Dance


Alvin Soeh, also known as Douk De LIB, is a Liberian online radio broadcaster, singer and also one of Liberian entertainment’s sensational Afro-dance artist who has been impacting the music industry in and out of Liberia for the past three years.

Douk De LIB admires his stage name and owes it to Ivorian legend Douk Saga who he says was a visionary and known for his actions and charisma.

“I named myself Douk De LIB which translates; Duke of LIB. I’m a Liberian Artist residing in America.”

Douk has a new track soon to hit Liberia, a track that he’s coming back home to launch and promote to the home audience.

“The song is titled ‘Proof it here’, a creative Liberian dance music. My style is pretty much Afro-dance,” he says.

Douk believes that Liberians need to feel their own music by supporting it and accepting the purpose of such songs, as well as why the artists make them, despite where they are across the globe.

“I believe Liberians need more Liberian related dance music in order to promote our culture. So the lyrics are very much Liberian. Plus, I want to encourage the upcoming youths that u can sound Liberian and still make fun tunes,” he said.

Douk also says that his new track has cultural identity and he feels obligated to share it with his own people and fans in Liberia.

“The track is all about showing your dancing skills and having fun with it. My management is working on launching the album in Liberia in December. Meanwhile, Douk has a strong support group and has also been doing exceptional things in the direction of entertainment, There’s no place like home so when my management asked me to launch the album in Liberia, I gladly accepted the idea,” he said.

Douk is known for his hit track, “The Unity Song”, which was released just around the election time 2011.  He also did the LMA track “Vow” that is being nominated for best song.

“I believe with the right promotion, the people will become used to my style. I need support and anticipate the album release in December” he says.

Douk is also an online radio broadcaster at award winning LIB Web Radio and also broadcast with Shata FM 102.5 three days a week.


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