Theories About Quincy B’s Death: Which One Is True?

The late Quincy B

Since the death of Quincy B, there have been lots of theories on what caused his death. Some theories blamed Liberian football star Sekou Jabetah Oliseh, while others say he was poisoned during the Karaoke Night at Anglers. Another theory says an unknown pastor prophesied during the ‘Olukupay’ crooner’s Red, White and Blue concert (the last concert he held before his death) that danger was eminent if they don’t repent because they have done blood sacrifice (who? the pastor did not explain). And then the most recent theory accused SOG Records rap artist CIC, who was in the car that night with Quincy B when he hit the wall opposite City Hall. According to believers of this theory, CIC sacrificed the late Quincy B in order to gain more fame.

Due to the gravity of the issue, SOG Records CEO Alice Yawo issued a statement describing such rumor as malicious lies meant to cause confusion.

“All those accusing CIC for Quincy B’s death from what the pastor said, if you believed every word that came from his mouth, why you missed the part where he mentioned “R&B Singer”? That the person who did blood sacrifice upon Quincy B’s life was an R&B singer. Last time I checked CIC was a rapper and a kolopop artist, he is not an R&B singer. Also the person was very close to him more like brothers and they did a lot together. CIC and Quincy were close but far from what the pastor meant. CIC and Quincy B’s relationship grew closer due to the fact they along with few other artists were closing a deal with Mr. Urey and due to a few studio sections. You guys want to accuse and force this boy to commit suicide but it will not happen. Secondly, in Liberia CIC is by far one of the biggest artists currently and wouldn’t harm a friend for fame that he already have. Thirdly, if CIC was to harm Quincy B would he put himself in the same vehicle which would cause him a broken leg and risks his career? You want to be investigators you must first listen clearly. Now head back to that video and listen well because it was not CIC in any shape or form; gather your facts together correctly before putting someone’s life at risks. Go ahead and attack me if you chose,” she said on her Facebook page.

Although the theory about CIC’s involvement in Quincy B’s death has slowed down since Alice posted that statement, the Jabetah theory is still the talk of the town. From community to community, people are constantly accusing the football star for sacrificing the artist in order to get a football contract, as he is currently without one.

The key point for such a theory is that Jabetah was the one who convinced Quincy B that they should go to his house on the Robertsfield highway where they could party without trouble after they were denied entry into the Capitol Room that Thursday night.

The theory added after convincing the artist Jabetah started to drive at excessive speeds when they reached Capitol Bypass forcing the artist to follow suit, which resulted into his death.

Backing up the theory, those who believe in it say the late Quincy B had no choice but to speed as well in order to be on par with Jabetah since Quincy B did not know his house.

But in response, the football star posted on Facebook, sating: “Just to clear the air, we were not having a race and I was almost home when I got the call concerning this incident; and i didn’t take the body to JFK hospital, but went there to show respect as a friend and brother because we were hanging out last at the same spot. Some Liberian people carry fake news that I was racing with him…Your need to get the proper news and stop spreading lies!!! Live on bro!!”

The third theory is the most talked about on social media. The pros side of this theory believes that the unknown pastor’s prophesy should be taken seriously, not lightly. The pros team added that as a result of Quincy B’s fans kicking the pastor out made it difficult for him to reveal who was going to be affected and who needed to repent.

Never overlook anything in life, the pros team added. One of the celebrities who seem to be on the side of the pros is Skoolboy Wizzy. Here is Wizzy’s post in his own words: “Ur coming kill me again but i will say it …is it cuz that pastor is jus way too young to be saying things like that or is it cuz hes nt liberian ? Cuz i bet if he was actually healling ppl u guys was gonna be his faithful members regardless where he got his power …wat if it was one of u guys pastor that said wat he said would u say ur pastor is lying ? Do u even believe ur own church pastor when he preach? Believe me or not im nt saying hes right or wrong if its wat he saw thats his faith to be judge by god and those who believed him that on them jus keep praying and stay nutural cuz even the church ur go to ur pastor preach on ur 365 days a year ur prayer is still counted before things can change or u got to have faith …now if what he says comes to life some of your wont have shit to say …I KNOW CIC didnt do nothing and QUINCY B die cuz God call him till then GOD HANDLE THE REST….(ok ur can tlk na).”

On the con side of this theory, they disagreed saying that nowadays there are a lot of fake pastors; and the pastor in question refused to clearly explain his prophesy, which makes him difficult to believe. The con side noted that since the death of the artist this unknown pastor has not come up to claim his prophecy.

Supporters of this theory include Diva Master Queen, RobertBlack Diamond and few others.

Here is Diamond’s post in his own words: “My concern was and still is, the manner in which he delivered his message which directly put a target on closed friends of the late QB. I never insulted the pastor or anyone else. Matter of fact, I said yes, there are honest men of God but they are supposed to heal hearts and not create divisions. You may not agree but his comments escalated this thought that people now have that QB was killed by his close friend and that they would blow up in the next 90 days. It could have been said differently.

But if we insist on being truthful with our words, then I am being loud with the truth as well and I am never afraid for I too will be protected by God. For example, I guess if Sweetz blow up in 90 days, we will say she was the one that killed him too? Especially looking at how rapidly Liberian Music is growing, anyone could blow next week, next month or the month after…So if they were closed to Quincy B, we will then assume its the individual who killed him? See what I’m talking about? Let’s be careful with our words especially when its gone affect other people’s lives.”

The last theory, which emerged two or three days ago, says the artist was poisoned at Angler’s Bar, where he had performed.

To add fire to the theory, Lewiz McCarthy, manager of the late artist, said in a Facebook post that the artist was murdered. Here is Lewiz’s post: “Am I the own one that thinks my bro Quincy was murdered? And Assess are fighting to cover it up. I’m coming. War!!! Drink!!!”


  1. I am completely surprised to hear these different theories about the death of the late Quincy Borrow. Why people want to blame his death on this person and that person? Accident do happen every where around the World. When it happen in Liberia you want to blame it on someone which has the propensity to bring split amount friends, families lovers etc. The parents are hurting very much, we don’t need all those accusation, my people. I did not see or know this young promising star who tragically lost his life in a motor vehicle accident, but he was the nephew of my best friend here in New Jersey. Let us come together and celebrate the life of this falling young star and stop all these gossips. May his soul Rest in Peace

  2. We really can’t get the facts with all those theories being stated but the fact will surely reveal and if it involves the hands of anyone ( close ones or normal death), it will be disclosed because the blood of a human is very powerful and it doesn’t go away easily….We should all stand behind the family and friends in encouragement of their lovely brother/child and wait for the true, if there is any, rather than people accusing base on inaccurate theories……RIP BRO. Quincy B.

  3. Comment:Don’t blame somebody for something that they didn’t say or do.Quincy b die simply because he was drunk while driving finish.

  4. Rip in peace Quincy b.we will miss you forever till we meet again. may the lord god have mercy on you I hope you are in a good place


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