The Shield: Redemption


A grievous vision declared unto me:

The treacherous dealer dealeth treacherously
Isaiah 21 & 2 the testament be:
Call the spoiler to spoil, and all sighing shall cease
Let the nations of vengeance go forth and besiege

Thus, my loins were in pain; pangs took hold of me
As of a woman in labor who beareth the seed
I bowed down when I heard, dismayed at the scene
My heart nearly gave way, for great fear was with me
As peaceful a night became frightful a dream

The desert by the sea holds a fateful decree;
As whirlwinds from the south blow through barren fields,
Foes from a land of great terror proceed
Advancing with speed, never to yield
Prepare ye the table, oh knights of esteem;
Let the princes be full, weapons ready to wield
Set a watch at the tower, let him declare what he sees
Prepare for the battle; anoint the shield

Military bombs and weapons go off in the calm of night
Something deadly this way comes, and no dawn of light should follow
More darkness falls, as you hear the calls of 4 headless horsemen riding
Piercing through the sleepy hollows
The wind bellows from north to south holding the plagues
It howls from east to west, sealing the saints
A commandment goes forth, with insistence it says,
“Hurt not the servants of God before the pestilence slays!”
Revelation the 7th, read what the testament says
Let the angels reveal, prepare to open the seals
Let the Son of man come and be the hope and the shield
The tribes of Israel will rise at the end of the days
Women will follow, men will lose their feminine ways
Let them be numbered by heads, 12 thousand times 12
With their households in tow, they make their vows at the wells
To dwell in the land where they can never rebel
As their fathers before them, no enemy to dispel,
Many times we done fell, but here we no longer will

A redemption is coming, it's the sign of the times
Redemption coming; your song and mine
Redemption's coming
Redemption, redemption
Call the people around, give ear
Pay attention

Redemption coming

Sign of the time…

Redemption coming

Your song and mine…

Redemption coming

Redemption, redemption

Call the people around, give ear

Pay attention


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