‘The New Liberia Has to Be Built on Diversity’

Jon Bricks

– Jon Bricks expresses support for non-Negroes becoming citizens and owning land

Rapper Jon Bricks has expressed strong support for the Constitution of Liberia to be amended to allow people of non-Negro descent to become citizens and landowners.

Jon Bricks, affectionately called The ‘Conqueror’, has become the first Liberian rapper to come out publicly, voicing his support for President George Weah’s recent state of the nation address, which included the scrapping of provisions in the Constitution barring dual citizenship and restricting citizenship to people of non-Negro descent.

He said “Since we as Liberians can become citizens in non-Negro countries, let the same be done to them. Diverse nations are prosperous than the ones that are not. And if we want Liberia to be prosperous and developed, we have to embrace diversity now or forever remain underdeveloped and a third world country.”

He noted further that allowing laws that bar non-Negros from becoming citizens and owning land deprive non-Negros, especially those born in the country, of having a homeland.

Bricks added: “The time is now, and if Liberia wants to solve the country’s brain drain problem then we have to change the country’s ‘racist nationality law’ to allow Liberia benefit from the skills, education, and expertise of the many non-Negros in the country.”

“Many non-Negros, although denied citizenship, are contributing to this  countries of birth (Liberia), and can even do more  if they are granted citizenship and rights to own land.
“One thing many Liberians need to understand is that the new Liberia has to be built on diversity, and nothing else,” he said.

Bricks argued that the development of Liberia rests on diversity, which will bring about greater investments because non-Negroes would be allowed to be citizens and own land.
“It is wrong and hypocritical to deny non-Negroes of becoming citizens when Liberians are in their countries demanding and gaining citizenship and investing big time in their new home.”

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives has begun reviewing four resolutions amending certain provisions of the Liberian Constitution, including citizenship and land ownership.

At the 8th day sitting on Thursday, February 8, 2018, the first reading of the resolution was done and sent to two separate joint committees for revision and report to the House Plenary in three weeks (March 1, 2018).

The Citizenship Amendment is aimed to remove the “discriminatory” Negro clause and open citizenship to any race while defining natural born Liberians and allowing them to have dual citizenship. The amendment will upset Articles 27 and 28 of the Liberian Constitution.


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