The Gapcloser




Bearing the Tubman name

Robert gained instant fame

But he had his Mother’s wit

Built just to Robert’s fit

In his heart and mind

On mission for humankind

Informed by the given normality of his class

And the token dismality of the mass

Robert felt the gap

Right under his cap

A large and widening gap

From large and broadening tap

That means prosperity for a few people

And poverty for most people

Such an objective condition

Became Robert’s selective motivation

To become a brilliant lawyer

Accessible to the lowest layer

Committed to closing the yawning gap

Dedicated to shuting the daunting gap

Joined by a wonderful Swedish Queen

Making sure that Robert stays clean

Together, they brought forth wonderful children

To make our one world better for all kindren

Now that Robert is seventy – five

Let us praise him for doing better than survive


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