The Benefits of Music


While many of us like to listen to our favorite music from Afro Pop to gospel for relaxation and spiritual purposes, there is another element to it. This side is the positive effect and the benefit music provides to the human body.

Music does not only influence each person’s mind differently, but helps reduce the onset of heart disease by way of its stress and anxiety reduction qualities. Stress and anxiety are closely associated with coronary heart disease.

A 2009 study by Bradt and Dileo on approximately 1, 500 patients with heart disease revealed that when they were listening to music, it reduced heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety.

Still on the health front, a recent study has disclosed that the majority of people who come down with stroke have problems when it comes to the ‘visual areas of the brain’, which are affected leading to ‘visual neglect.’ But studies have revealed that when these patients are listening to their favorite music, part of their visual attention that has been damage is then restored.

A Tsai et al study published in 2013 and conducted on 16 people concluded that listening to classical music may improve visual attention in stroke patients with Unilateral Neglect.

Apart from the health benefits, music inspires and uplifts us when we are sad; and this may probably be one of the key components that cause us to love music.

While the influence of music varies depended on the person, one thing is certain – sad music can improve our mood and create happiness. In 2013, Kawakami et al conducted a study that showed that sad music is enjoyable because it creates an interesting mix of emotions – some negative, some positive.

So the next time you listen to music, look for the health benefits as well as the pleasure.


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