The Art of Beautiful, Natural Hair


Natural and healthy – the perfect formula for a balanced way of life.

Taji was recently in Liberia visiting her parents. She expressed delight at seeing so many natural hair enthusiasts and specialists. She, herself, is committed to promoting natural hair health and awareness. Taji provides men, women, and children with the tools to help them acquire and maintain healthy, natural hair – for life.

“Our scalp is a part of our body’s skin system. And just as the earth’s topsoil covers and protects the earth, so does our skin, including our scalp, cover and protect our bodies from head to toe. Our hair is like the plants that grow best in the rich, black topsoil of our garden. And so our scalp must be nourished and cared for like our garden soil to produce beautiful hair.

“We would never use a bulldozer to clean our garden. And we should never use harsh soaps like laundry soap to wash our hair.” We must make sure harmful chemicals never touch our precious ‘garden’ of hair. The natural oil crops we have right here in Liberia like coconut and palm kernel oil (“kanna” oil) are nourishing for our hair unlike the chemically produced pomades and greases. Natural oils absorb into the hair shaft instead of coating and clogging the hair strands.”

We’ve all seen women whose natural hairlines are receding backwards leaving baldness where hair used to be. This hair loss is from tight plaiting and tight extensions or chemical straightening (relaxing). Synthetic (plastic) hair, and any style that prolongs tension and weight on the hair root also causes hair loss and balding.

A gorgeous head of hair is a beautiful sight to behold and we can achieve it while prolonging the life of our hair by keeping it healthy.

Enjoy the beautiful Balance of these natural hair styles from Taji’s Natural Hair Salon in Raleigh, NC.

Liberia Holds the Key


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