Teacher Jessie Beyond Century

Madam Jessie Wah King at 100 years old

On the passing away of Teacher Jessie Wah King

By Togba-Nah Tipoteh
Class of 1959, College of West Africa (CWA)

This is the Story
In a poetic way
About Teacher Jessie
From the Classroom of CWA:
Teacher Jessie just passed away
And did so in her own way
After reaching beyond a century
On her way to Heavenly Glory
Nothing too small beyond her reach
Reaching out everyday to teach
Using her knowledge not for herself
But for use by the other-self
Teaching daily about helping the Needy
Rather than teaching daily about being greedy
Teaching how to earn one’s way
Rather than cheating to make a day
Teaching lessons about giving
Rather than lessons about taking
Lessons learned by many thousands
Legacy left for all time on sands
To you Teacher Jessie, here we are to say farewell
For the Foxes of CWA everywhere to tell
This Story of Our Dearest Teacher Jessie
Whose Legacy lives beyond any century to say


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