Talent and the Top 100 Liberian Music Videos


You will have to hold on to the closest thing to you if you plan on watching the Top 100 Liberian/African culture music videos on your TV and DVD players!

Liberia has a population of over 4 million that has over the years showcased attractive, universal and interesting music to go with its growing population. Liberian artists and entertainers alike have used their talents to showcase the beauty of ‘Mama Liberia.’

With the release of Liberia’s Top 100 videos, artists are happy that the opportunity they have been praying for to be heard and seen has been made possible through MEZONIC, an inspiring Liberian artist.

M.R.P.E, LLC is showcasing Liberian music videos, and the Number 1 Artist on this on-going playlist is MEZONIC. A hip hop/Afro pop artist originally from Liberia and currently residing in Charlotte, N.C., U.S.A., his song ‘Kelewele’ is over-ripe, fried plantain with ginger in fine pepper.

“I used ‘Kelewele’ as a metaphor to describe a beautiful but strong-minded African girl. Most men around the world prefer to date beauty and brains – a beautiful lady who is also smart or educated,” he stated.

For the quick thinking artist, the video for ‘Kelewele’ was a huge challenge for him because he initially shot the video with a different model than the two showcased in the video. The video director ended up with a damaged SD card causing all the files to be destroyed. As frustrating as it was, MEZONIC persevered and re-shot the video with the two ladies because the original model felt exhausted over the misfortune.

The scenario should be an encouraging message to all Liberian artists to NEVER GIVE UP!

Click here to watch the Top 100 Liberian Music Videos 2017:


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