Take Notes and Gain fans


There is so much Liberian music out there and on downloading sites that it’s hard to catch up. Several major stars like Deng, Eric Geso, Black Diamond, Dash, Lady Vero and AG DA Profit have been releasing some major head spinners and tumba shakers, while a handful of smaller names are also putting out chart – topping songs, like Ne- Oh Williams’ single ‘Put in work’ and DJMWB’s singles ‘self made’, ‘Busy’ and ‘Beauty’. It’s really not safe to head into August without catching up on something that was very resourceful in July – artist promotion.

With Ne-oh Williams’ newest release ‘Put in work’, the “Money Been Calling” track stunner significantly entered into 2016 with a steady head and had a mission to accomplish. He knew that he had songs for days, tracks he had been working on, waiting for the moment to let Liberia affiliate itself with his music. With no manager or publicist to help spread the word that the new kid on the block needed some attention, radio airplay and promotions, Ne-oh took the stance of promoting himself, an attribute many artist lack.

“This new song I just released is just that, a guide and revealing of how I managed to get so deep into the heart of entertainment in Liberia, and how I became known,” he shared on FaceBook.

An artist best friend should be his ability to move his own music out there, meeting DJ’s across the country and giving them an opportunity to feel them, relate to the artist to give him/her a natural feel when promoting him/her on air or on a dance floor.

Ne-oh engaged all radio stations and found one DJ willing to run his name across every deck, which led to another DJ taking on the leadership role in managing the witty artist. All of this because Ne-oh was able to promote himself through radio airplay, and the news had spread that another talent could flow.

However, DJMWB, a Liberian artist, producer, film producer, engineer and CEO of Weaver Records based in Sweden and was quite a celebrity before he left Liberia in the mid 90’s to pursue a bigger dream like most artist who travel around the world do. Lester ‘D,’ as he’s also known, used the skills he had acquired during his time in Liberia, proof of artistic ability through his 94/95 award for Best Song, 2002 top chart songs and his recent win by Akademia Awards for Best Rap/Soul Artist to get comfortably re-affiliated with his fans back home in Liberia.

Getting his songs pushed on radio has not been a problem and with his new album release, ‘Busy’, DJMWB’s voice has a uniqueness that stands out from any Liberian artist, giving him a lead in the interest his fans have gotten back from the star who stole their hearts many years ago.

Meanwhile, artists should be able to use strategies in promoting themselves such as Ne-oh Williams and DJMWB. Both have without a doubt become popular and both have planned concerts and album releases to hit Liberia pretty soon. Creating a buzz can pretty much bring those who look for stars on board to take it from where you left off. With that in mind, artist should also remember how important the role of the media is in highlighting the buzz that has swarmed the streets.


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