Sweetz Releases 2015 New Year Track: “I’m Goin’ In”


The newest drop by Sweetz titled “I’m going in” has been released as promised, on January 2, 2015. All set for 2015 and what the brand new year may have to offer, Sweetz has yet again surprised her fans with a song that shows pure talent and versatility.

Sweetz has released the intended single under the impression that this New Year is her year to shine; show her real talents.

“2015 is my year! There are a lot of things planned. Things I didn’t do before, I plan to do this year. For example, I’ll be dropping a mix tape, videos and a lot of stuff. I’m ready for it,” she exclaimed.

With a management team, choreographer and people around ready to see to it that Sweetz becomes all that she can be, there is a lot to accept this year.

In her latest release “I’m going in”, the track clearly shows the style of a woman who has matured from a teen that had skills, to a woman who’s confident about using her skills to gain the New Year. 

“The song is a motivational song that means I’m coming with force; I’m entering so make way for me. 2015 is my year,” she added.

“I’m going in” has a bit of everything in its package.  Though many people are used to hearing Sweetz rap and sing, to name a few, she says she can do it all.

“If your fan of Sweetz and have been following me, you know I just don’t sick to one thing because I’m a very versatile artist. People were shocked when they heard me rapping on “I did that” and since then, style is evolving,” she disclosed.

Meanwhile, Sweetz’ Pretty Jue Entertainment’ has been quiet since its launch a year ago. According to Sweetz, who claims to be a self made artist, her entertainment company has multiple purposes and will be looking for talent pretty soon.

“Pretty Jue Entertainment is split into three folds, management, a talent agency and also a record label.  There aren’t any artists yet but we’re still auditioning,” she explained.

Though a relatively new entertainment company, auditioning is said to be taking place next in hopes of finding stars.

“The auditions are not open auditions, in order to be listed, you would have to call 0776 779081 or 0886 779 081. We are looking for musicians from 15-30 years-old that can sing, dance or rap. We are also interested in glamour models or video modeling. Before anyone joins Pretty Jue’s, they will be trained, something other labels don’t do,” she added.


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