Sweetz Drops New Single


After a two-year absence from the music scene, the First Lady has arrived with a new single titled “Like your business”.

The song is more upbeat than her last single before taking her two-year hiatus. As soon as you start playing the song, you just have to tap your foot and bob your head.

In less than an hour, after Sweetz announced the release of the single, she garnered more than 240 likes on her Facebook post about the new single.

Not only that, she also received a great number of likes, with a lot of comments in praise of the song, the quality of her voice and strong lyrics.

The “All dolled-up” singer said she took the two-year break to focus and nurture her talents, including being a producer.

The upbeat track, produced by Lucape and mixed and mastered by Kelvin K, generally blends R&B and colloqua in perfect symmetry.


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