Suspense Thriller, ‘DECISIONS’, Premières Sunday


Decisions, a film about deception and bitterness and a cautionary tale of how two lovers are broken up by a class system, is set to première on Sunday, April 30.

Directed by Cosme Pulano, who plays Jonathan Sumo, the story is about how Sumo, a cold and hardworking guy who was born into a poor family and lost his sister and father in just a space of days, had to fight to survive and stay in school.

But things quickly changed when he met Amelia, a daughter of a wealthy businessman and a cousin of Charles, a classmate who later became his friend.

As the relationship between Jonathan and Amelia develops into a solid one, she went to great lengths to take him out of poverty and upgrade him to a class that would be acceptable to her parents.

But their love affair started facing problems after her mother found out that Jonathan comes from a poor background. She connived with Charles and they forcibly tore the relationship apart by sending Amelia way to the US and blocking all media of communication between them.

Meanwhile, while she was away, Jonathan finished school and got a job at her parents’ firm, where he fell in love with another woman. The parents didn’t know this was the same Jonathan. He fell in love with the secretary and was about to get married when Amelia returns, still in love with him. Caught between choices, he has some serious ‘Decisions’ to make.

Not to give too much away, Decisions is full of twists and turns that will keep you glued to your seat asking “What’s next?”

Critically, Decisions is a film with an amazing suspense-filled storyline with two dramatic plots, which firstly starts with the mother involving in the earlier relationship break down which leaves Jonathan with some very hard Decisions to make: to marry either woman.

Written by Cosme Pulano himself, the movie is heavy in dialogue with a shrill, judgmental and indecisive tone.

The film premieres on Sunday, April 30 at Golden Gate Hotel near SKD Sports Complex. Before the premiere will be a sumptuous dinner. Doors open at 6 p.m., and plus the cost of dinner will throw you back either US$50, US$75, or US$100.


  1. Thanks for saving me $50. From the way you wrote the story, i think i finished watching the show already. And next time, please do proper editing before you post this kind of thing on the international network(internet).


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