Williamses Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. T. Nelson Williams, Sr. at the program marking their 50th wedding anniversary.jpg

Mr. T. Nelson Williams, Jr., Managing Director of the Liberian Petroleum Refining Corporation (LPRC), his wife Soni, and siblings, recently held a reception in honor of their parents, Mr. T. Nelson Williams, Sr. and his wife Mrs. Ethel Williams, in observance of their 50th wedding anniversary. 

The program was attended by family members, friends and well wishers.

It was marked by a selection of songs and remarks from family members and friends.

Several distinguished personalities attended the ceremony.  They included  Ms. Euphemia Weeks, Chair of the Liberia  Telecommunications Authority (LTA); Dr. Ophelia Weeks, Dean of the T.J. Faulkner College of  Science and Technology, University of Liberia (UL);  and their brother, Mr. Rocheforte L. Weeks, Jr.    

The Weekses are close relatives of the Williamses, since Mrs. Williams’ mother was a sister of the Weekses’ grandmother, who was also a Ledlow from Grand Bassa.  

Among those who witnessed the occasion was Mr. Ben Tetteh, a Liberian architect, who was an early 1960s schoolmate of T. Nelson, Sr. at the American University in Beirut, Lebanon.

Many who attended the program applauded the couple for their loving and sincere commitment to their marital vows, which they have been able to keep for over a half century. 

The speakers expressed the hope that the good Lord would grant the Williamses long life to enjoy many more anniversaries.

Mr. Williams wedded his wife Ethel at the St. Peter Claver Church in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County, on December 21, 1963.

The marriage has been  blessed with four children—T. Nelson, Jr., Ulmaria, a daughter who is married and living in the United States, MP and Horatio as well as several grandchildren.

T. Nelson, Jr. paid tribute to his parents for bringing up him and his siblings in the fear of God and love and respect for all people.  They taught the children to study and work hard and to be achievement-oriented. 

Young Williams stressed the importance of respecting time; a value their father instilled in them.  “Whenever we had to travel, we got to the airport at least four hours before departure, because my father insisted he did not want to be late.”  

Speaking at the program, UL Science and Technology Dean, Dr. Ophelia Weeks, a neuroscientist, said the couple celebrating 50 years together was indeed commendable.

“You have done very well by working together to make your marriage a happy one, so we say congratulations!”

Kenneth Y. Best of the Daily Observer newspaper, who attended the Williams’ wedding ceremony in Buchanan 50 years ago, described the couple as role models for married people.

“I am highly gratified that we can join you in celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. Your living together for this period of time is a great example for others to emulate,” he told the couple.

Mr. Best wished Almighty God’s continual blessings on them and their children and other descendants.

In response, Mr. Nelson disclosed that their union has survived due to patience and hard work.

“We learned and kept the ancient principle always extended to newlyweds that says two people should not get angry at the same time.  So I learned always to exercise restraint whenever Ethel, my wife, was vexed. This is what has kept our relationship going,” he explained.    

For her part, Mrs. Ethel Williams recalled that during their regular prayer meetings in Buchanan her mother and grandmother always prayed that “God would send someone for me.” 

“The fact that we have been able to remain together for so long has little to do with us.  It is Jesus’ work.   We are grateful to Him and we praise and thank Him for that,” Mrs. Williams concluded. 


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