STUNNA to Become Farmington Hotel Brand Ambassador Soon


romising young emcee, STUNNA is on the verge of been sign as the first brand ambassador for the luxury Farmington Hotel.

The deal, which has been agreed in principle, is expected to be finalized within two or three weeks.

According to source knowledge on the deal, she said the delay to the deal is the fact that the artist and his team are reviewing the terms and condition to make sure that it is in his interest.

Although the deal for this young industry lad is very lucrative, and carries lot of benefits, he is not in no hurry to sign a document that he may regret in the near future, the source said.

“What I can tell you right now is that the deal worth a little bit over US8, 000 but it will be giving in three installments.

“The first installment, according to the deal if STUNNA signed it will be 50% upfront and the remains 50% will be divided in to two and pay after every four months periods.

“STUNNA is the hold on, not the company. They are excited to have he on board and make him the face of the hotel. They cannot wait to kickout the campaign.” She said.

Meanwhile, STUNNA came third in the Lonestar Cell MTN, one of the leading GSM Company in Liberia search for Brand ambassador first round ahead of some big names.

Although STUNNA has not fully entered the industry as yet, he is an artist with well-polished lyrics that speak directly to the soul, making him an artist to watch out for.

Apart for being artist to expect to blow in 2017, all of STUNNA’s songs, from introduction to conclusion, including his two recent tracks, ‘Expensive’ and ‘Daddy,’ clearly demonstrate that his lyrics are bound to make him unforgettable.

Born and raised in Monrovia, STUNNA is a prime example of the potential of young MC’s in Liberia’s booming music industry.


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