STUNNA, Pillz and CIC Urges Colleagues to Desist Glorying Drugs

Singer and songwriter STUNNA.

In an effort to end the high rate of illegal drug abuse among the youth, STUNNA, Pillz and CIC have called on colleagues to avoid glorifying the use of a drug in their lyrics.

These artists believed that the glorification of drugs through music can triple increase the usages among youths since they are told it is good, through the music they listen to. In their various Facebook posts, STUNNA, Pillz, and CIC reminded their associates about their influence, which they should use for positive impact to uplift the society, not negative ones.

STUNNA, one of Liberia’s fast-rising music talent, in a Facebook post said:  “As entertainers, many of us do not understand the influence we have on society. We have a serious uprising that if not properly tackled has the propensity of turning into an epidemic.  We have the opportunity to help shape our nation, let’s be role models, not just musicians.”

Rapper CIC

CIC added:  “Say no to drug and if we don’t talk, it means our voices are useless. I did not get a dime from anyone, but it is my responsibility as an entertainer to spread the message.”

Commenting under CIC post, Pillz noted: “For sure brother. I’m happy that most of my colleagues are now speaking out against drug abuse. Let us continue the awareness and save our youths.”


In a short survey by the Daily Observer, the paper discovered that the reference of drugs (marijuana), as well as the use of abusive languages against women in rap music, has seen a significant rise since the beginning of the Hipco genre in the late 90s in Liberia.

Out of the 100 songs this paper analyzed, 50 were old songs from 2015-2016, with only 10 songs containing explicit references to drug and abusive language against women.

Pillz, the Zogos’ Queen

But this stands in stark contrast to 50 new songs analyzed from 2017 and up to present.  This is because 40 songs, out of the 50, made huge reference to drugs and abusive remarks against women.  This shows an increase of 80% in rap music that promotes the use of drugs and abusive languages against women, which stood at 20% in 2015-2016, from the music analyzed.

This new trend is actually disturbing because Hipco was known to be a genre that inspired and motivated people, speaking against ills in the society rather than glorifying drugs and using abusive languages against women.


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