Spotlighting Gospel Singer Fernon E. Flomo


USA- Liberian gospel Singer Fernon E. Flomo says he’s always brought back to tears when he thinks about how far he’s come “through the means of international African gospel music minister Sonnie Badu,’

Quite recently, Fernon had the opportunity of singing in front of an immense crowd of American worshippers with Sonnie Badu, in urban style.

The live recording was scheduled and organized by international acclaimed minister Sonnie Badu, who’s been recognized for his intimate worship style, high class visuals and energetic style of ushering congregations into the presence of God. Sonnie is known of leaving his audience mesmerized both emotionally and spiritually after every show. And because of that, he’s one of the most successful international African gospel artists around the world.

And now he has helped in adding Fernon to the list of much-admired. According to Fernon, Sonnie Badu, in a recent live concert, “thought it wise to present African gospel music in a classic form to the American audience. To show them that African gospel music can be transformed in any form for others who are not Africans to understand and enjoy,” he stated.

In a video recording of the concert, Fernon has captured his audience with an angelic, melodic song and the audience is in ‘awe’ at Fernon’s performance. What’s also visually obvious is the fact that Fernon seems to be caught in the Sprit more so than in the show.

“His performance was wonderful and memorizing,” says AB Gibson, another Liberian gospel artist who has made name for himself as well.

According to Fernon, “the show was about showcasing the versatility of African musicians in ministering gospel music in an urban style. What it did for me was to show my versatile style of singing as a Liberian to the world. And to also show the world Africans have skills such as Sonnie Badu and myself” he says.

What clearly inspired the audience about Fernon is his voice, golden as it sounded during his performance. His every note sung seemed to be a part of his soul; it came so smoothly and so naturally.

“I’ve sung in front of large crowds before, once with Sonnie Badu in Ghana last year, Queens, New York and also Dallas, Texas, both this year,” he added.

Though he says he was nervous during the performance in Ghana last year, he says he has adjusted to the feel of live bands and the roaring sounds from large crowds.

“I eventually feel at home, though this performance brought on a mixed physical experience” he added.

Meanwhile, Fernon says he springs tears of joy whenever he’s given the opportunity to represent Africa, especially alongside Sonnie Badu.

“There were great Liberian gospel artist before me that were not known to the world. And because of Sonnie, he is recognizing talents from Liberia through me on his international platform. I don’t take it for granted, it’s definitely a favor from God” he ministered.


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