Sources: Christoph to Reply to Bucky Raw Diss Track Soon


Multiple sources close to award-winning rapper Christoph have disclosed to LIB Life that the Christoph is expected to drop his response to Bucky Raw diss tracks.

The year-long beef between the two rappers gained momentum when Bucky dropped four explosive diss tracks which alleged that Christoph is gay, among other things.

Our sources said Christoph has already recorded the diss track; however, the release date has not been finalized yet.

“The action by Bucky to diss Christoph during [the] Davido concert actually forced Chris, who has been silent this whole time, to come up with a reply diss track,” said an insider who preferred not to be named. “Christoph sees Bucky’s act a disrespect and, if he continues to remain silent, Bucky will appear as a lyrical giant. Where Chris is now, he can no longer be held back. The artist has made up his mind; therefore, nothing can stop him.”

The move by Christoph comes days after Bucky posted on his Twitter page, calling for an end to the beef. Bucky, the self-proclaimed Trapco rapper, wrote: “I don’t wanna beef with everyone in this industry. If you disrespect me I will not respond anymore. Wanna make me look bad in front of the audience.”

When contacted, Christoph’s publicist Sheik Mohammed could not confirm the release date of his artist’s response diss track.

“It is the artist’s right to respond to anyone who wants to beef him, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Yes, we had a response track but I’m not sure if the artist will ever drop it,” Mohammed said.

The sudden change in Christoph’s mind clearly contradicts statements he made in a recent interview with LIB Life that he had no intention of beefing with Bucky Raw.

In that interview, Christoph said Bucky’s beef tracks “were all trash” and, for that reason, he decided not to give it credence by replying to it.

Christoph added: “All Bucky’s beef songs were all trash; therefore they were not good enough for my reply.  Bucky was trying to get relevance out of my fame by beefing me, so I decided not to pay attention to it.


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