SoundCity’s Timaya, Wiz Kid Show Drives Fans Bananas


May 10, 2014- The sequel to SoundCity’s arrival in Liberia brought in added echo, thrill and shocker as one would have imagined.

Royal Plus International, in collaboration with Nova Phone and Soundcity left a lot of people pleased, not to mention the youthful population of under 25’s who packed the ATS stadium for the Saturday evening performance.

“Aye yah, it’s my dream to meet Wiz Kid and now he’s right in front of me. The boy is fresh and clean,” said Pandora Johnson.

While there’s much gossip and rumors going around about Wiz Kids behavior during his stay, what’s evident is that Liberians had a huge moment in time watching two of Africa’s highly acclaimed international artists perform.

“I love this place so much,” Wiz Kid exclaimed in an exclusive interview with HottFm 107.9 hours before the show. “Big shout out to Timaya, SoundCity and the organizers. Come to ATS stadium and get your tickets, it’s going to be crazy my man, leave your house my man, come out my man.”

The “I Love my baby” hit track maker Wiz Kid made his first appearance at the trendy HottFm alongside “Ukwu” hit maker Timaya to exclusively let their fans know their pleasure about their stay.

“I’m excited, came late because my flight actually got canceled though. I was at the airport since 6am, and waited 7 hours for my flight and the flight got canceled but I still made it here by 5 this morning. That just shows you how excited I am to be here. This is what I’ll do for Liberians because I love Liberia, it feels good, great people, lovely weather and I’m definitely going to come out here more,” Wiz Kid assured LIB LIFE.

Timaya also expressed his excitement at returning to Liberia after his first visit over three years ago, saying he’s no stranger to the friendly country.

“I’ve been here before, Liberia is good. But I’ve not been here with Wiz Kid before. It’s going to be crazy, trust me,” he teased.

In addition, DJ Blue of Hott FM revealed shocking information to its listeners that Timiyah not only visits Liberia, but owns a whopping 60% share of the radio station.

“Timaya owns almost like 60% share of Hott FM 107.9, and that’s our boss man,” DJ Blue revealed.

Furthermore, Timiyah confirmed the news by saying that he doesn’t own HottFm per se, but admitted to the share.

“I’m a partner, but I don’t own it,” he said.

Meanwhile, the show at the ATS jumped off at around 5pm with splendid performances by Liberian artists such as Chris-Off, Royal D’Busta Pain, Benny V, CoZ, Mr. Smith, Pitty D’Best, Lil’ Mouphy, Tan-Tan, Soul Fresh and Empress 1 Luv.

Also on the scene was Tan-Tan’s manger, Orlando Chenoweth, who spoke with LIB LIFE after Tan-Tan’s enticing performance.

“Soundcity being involved [with] the whole show gives us the opportunity to showcase Tan Tan’s talent in a broader perspective. We also have a June 14 trip to Atlanta Georgia where he has been nominated for four different awards. He will be there, and we’re going to be shooting a music video and collaborating with another artist I don’t want to name right now,” shared Orlando Chenoweth.

Above all, Mr. Smith, who’s been in two of Soundcity shows, did his thing after just arriving from Sierra Leone hours before.

“I’ve been on a couple of international shows in the last three years, that means my work is improving and I’m proud of what I do, so most often when I’m invited I go to shows. I’m glad I’m here, Liberian people are here, LIB LIFE is here, and it’s a good starting point. I came back from Freetown about two hours ago at another show promoting Liberian music out there, telling the people about it to see if it can be played out there, how can Liberian and Sierra Leonean artist do collaborations. Now I’m back home to do something on the same stage as Wiz Kid and Timaya. If they are winning things on BET and MTV Base and they’re here to do something with us, it’s a prop” Smith added.

Benny V, who has kept silent during most international shows, was ready and equipped to do his thing, but not after sharing his big news.

“I’m happy to be here, it’s a privilege and height to be here for Soundcity event because they’re international. The big news to Liberia is Benny V just got a one year visa to the states, and I’ll be performing at Atlanta Georgia on June 14th during the Liberian Music awards”he shared.

Meanwhile, one of the organizers spoke out about her enthusiasm over being able to bring two big talents for her country.

“The turnout was excellent and great, it could have been more though and many people were complaining about ticket sales, but the turnout was great, everyone came out to support,” organizer Marjean Sherman disclosed. “Liberian artists did a good job as well, we picked them ourselves, the best people that everyone wanted to see, I can’t misquote information but there’s a rumor going around that we’re paying them a $100,000 its nowhere near that amount, they are coming in for a favor, they understand the market and economy in Liberia is small, they’re coming to support.”

As Wiz Kid did his freestyles of foot work on stage, somewhere in-between his performance, he had to plead to the LNP to take an easy with his crowd as they swung twigs to force the crowd behind.

“I beg, leave my fans alone, please” he yelled as the crowd began shoving towards the stage.

Timaya came on stage minutes’ after 10pm, to a fairly tired audience who yelled profanity at the artist after his mic went off.

Timaya was seen dancing for minutes until h he was whisked off stage.


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