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The male Hip-Co rap group Soul Fresh, which is made up of two talented friends, has finally stepped out of its shell and will be hosting a marked two day surprise performance on February 22-23, 2014.

“The best of Soul fresh music”, all of the best tracks that Soul Fresh has put out since 2007 including their new hits, will be performed live at the Royal Plus in Painesville on February 22, 2014, and also at Miami Beach on February 23, 2014.

In collaboration with Soul Fresh is Artist promoter/DJ/Mc Master Queen of Hottfm 107.9 and Champion Design. Master Queen has been respectively devoting her resources in promoting talented artist, most especially those who she considers as having good showbiz quality.

“This is what I represent, Liberian Entertainment. Working with Soul Fresh will bring a good message to the entrainment business not only in Liberia, but across world,” Master Queen told LIB Life via Facebook.

One of the group leaders, JB of Soul Fresh, says that the group has been observing which popular songs their fans like, and have decided to perform those hit tracks during their show.

“We’ll be performing our two new singles “Me myself and I” featuring Casino and “Shut it down” featuring F.A. from blue link records and Lil Bishop. We’ll also be rapping our tracks “They coming again”, “Two party together” and “Three different men”. We want our fans out there to come through and support the best Hip Co group in Liberia and Lil Bishop,” JB said.

JB also described their new performing style and insist that Soul Fresh will leave their fans mesmerized that day.

“For us, we don’t depend on our music but on our fans out there to come and witness a strange performance. We are taking LIB music out there and our fans should expect professionalism. No lip synching, no way back DJ stuff, track one track two thing,” JB assured.

Soul Fresh will continue with the tradition in which shows are supported, and that is with other performers who will be performing as a token of support.

“A lot of top LIB artists are going to be there to back us on the show, so it’s going to be super.

Master Queen is one of the brains behind this whole initiative, we went to her and explained the show and she put her time, everything and resources into this. It’s like a challenge to us and we don’t want to make her shame that day because we want to assure her that she’s going to see the necessary crowd coming out to the show.” Stated JB

Also a member of Soul Fresh is Shinny man, who described the up and coming show as a big excitement for the raw rapper.

“This whole show just looks like my birthday. Since 2007 up till now, this is our first performance since then. We’ll be showing the Liberian fans Soul Fresh live and hoping that the Liberian people will show up that day to show their support,” Shinny man added.

Furthermore, the cost price for the Soul Fresh show has been reduce in hopes of allowing their true fans an opportunity of affording to see them live in action.

“It’s just L$150, we didn’t charge too much money because most of the people who support Soul Fresh are people of the minority. We want to bring the concert price down to give our fans a chance to show up. We want our fans that die-hard with us to be able to come and show their support.” Shinny man elaborated.

Meanwhile, Soul Fresh has finally reached a point in their career where they are being considered during the Liberian Music Awards, and have been nominated for three categories.

“We are making impact in the society. Before, it all started like a game but now people from all parts of the world trying to know about us. As long as our name was mentioned on the program list that means we are getting there. Even if we win or don’t, we have great things ahead,” stated JB.

Shinny man, who has a raw spitting flow that has no mercy for the microphone, feels confident that they will come out victorious when the winners are announced. So far they are leading in two categories; Best Collaboration of the Year for “Human Being” Remix (Lil Beshop Feat. Sundaygar Dear Boy, JB, Scientific) and Best Group of the Year.

“Yes, we are confident we will win. When it comes to that original Hip Co, there are other artists but no competitors for us. Rappers know we are their role models and we’re not going to relax,” he added.

Lil Bishop, another Hip-Co artist who puts meaning to Hip-Co swag, will be performing alongside Soul Fresh as well.

“Whenever you see Soul Fresh, you will see me. I’m a single artist but I support them. We’re in a movement for change in Hip- Co music; we want to see it go international. I’m excited and proud to be working alongside Soul Fresh.”


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