Soul Fresh Leaves Crowds Awed


During a four-day classical Hipco performance, rapper duo Soul Fresh ended at Miami Beach their Hipco crusade, which was attended by about 200 fans.

The crowd when haywire as the duo came on stage and plunged into a rapping style that is original and characterized by their own mix, leaving the crowd to erupt into screams of excitement and dancing, with Azonto being displayed in moves you have rarely seen before.

The show rumbled off with outstanding performances from Quincy B, F.A, Lil Bishop, Samaguan, reputedly the ugliest man in Liberia, and some big names in the industry, etc.

Jane Weah, who is one of many fans of the group, said, “Hipco is my life and it has been my pleasure and wish to see these big names in the Liberian music industry performing together. I could never have hoped for anything better,” she added with a smile.

“The turn out for this show has proven that we are ready to support these guys and hope they can continue putting out good performances.”

“As for me, I’m pride of the way the show was organized and the amazing performances showcased by the artists,” Randolph Cooper said.  

The campaign was a launched by the group’s video album, “Hostage”, which began on March 13 and is expected to be concluded on the16th of this month.


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