Soul Fresh Launches New Video Album: “Hostage”


In a-four-day super bowl performance with top Liberian artists and entertainers, award-winning Hipco group Soul Fresh, is to blaze Monrovia and its environs with its first ever-video album, “Hostage.”

The video has been rated as the group’s best audio music and will be performed live from march 13-16 at Royal Plus, Logan Town Cinema, Sports Commission and Miami Beach, where a gala will follow the launch. It will be a landmark achievement; the group hopes to leave fans enthralled with a new style of performance.

“We have realized that we have lots of audio songs out there. But fans have complained of not having the video in order to see the visual effects,” says JB, who is one of the group’s artists, adding “This shows solidarity with fans and we have done everything possible to see that our standards are not only international but classical.”

Soul Fresh has a unique lyrical style, not to mention their flow, and have been dubbed Africa’s Kanye West and Jay-Z. And although they are new to the musical industry, they have performed alongside international artists like Wiz kid and Tamaya. 

“This launch will be up to international standards, and fans can come so that together we can storm Monrovia. Our group is made up of veterans and when you say Soul Fresh you say standard,” JB said.

The “Hostage” album has five new videos, totaling 8, including hit songs like “Wake Up Call”, “Let Us Come Together”, “Friend Indeed”, “My Grace” and many more.

“There have been 50,000 copies made for people who will attend the show,” JB said. “Entry fee is LD$ 200 and you will receive an album free of charge”.

The objective in launching the album is to take the group to another level in their career, preparing them for future activities, said Shining Man, who also sings for the group.  

The show is being promoted by Champion Design in collaboration with mobile phone giant Cellcom Gsm.


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