Soul Fresh Denies Being Jailed


Just a few days after unexpectedly returning from China, rap group Soul Fresh has denied previous news reports that they were jailed while in that country seeking a wider career spotlight.

The news about the group being imprisoned emerged a month ago on social media through a blog. The rappers’ silence on social media and people not knowing their whereabouts added to the reports.

The group has, however, termed the news as rubbish intended to tarnish their reputation.

‘’We were not in prison in China, but detained for 10 days because the organizers did not have the permit to host the show,” Soul Fresh said, adding, “We were on rehearsal with several foreign artists for an upcoming show before the ugly situation happened.

It came as a surprise to us.”

In an interview with DJ Blue on HottFm this week, JB of the group said all artists on rehearsal that day were victimized; however, they were released at the end of the ten day detention period.

Still on the affair, the group also denied rumors that their arrest was as a result of their involvement in a drug deal.

“Nothing like that ever happened; in fact, our six month visa is still intact. Our visa was not terminated, and right now we can go back to China if we wish,” the group narrated.

However, the group did not say where they were held in detention.

The award winning rap duo are expected to shortly release a new single called ‘Play Your Role’ as well as appealing to Liberians to stop spreading false information when there is no evidence.

Meanwhile, the group Xman Entertainment, who made it possible for Soul Fresh to travel to China, said they are not in the mood to comment on any issue concerning the artists.

However, an unauthorized speaker, who is also an executive member for the company, said they did not know what actually happened with the group in China.

“While in China they refused to communicate with us back home, but our partners, who we sent them to, is not fake. They have a permit to do shows, and the matter of fact is that we have a good relationship,” our source said.


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