Soul Fresh Creates New Shock Singles

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Award- winning rap duo Soul Fresh is on fire again after the release of two new singles that has taken Monrovia by storm. The group, which claims to be the best in the country, is claiming their status with these new offerings.

The two singles, released a few weeks ago, seem just about capable of pulling anyone onto the dance floor, especially “Drop It and Wrap It”, which is much more than a club banger.

The other song, “Pain”, features one of Liberia’s finest dialect rapper, Casimoney. The rapper has given a unique, catchy flow to the song that is gradually receiving positive reviews.

But “Drop It and Wrap It” has been tipped by hard-line DJs and pundits, and looks set to be the best possible song for the Christmas season and beyond.

The only Liberian DJ Nelly whose music has been aired over Be100!, an online radio station owned by former Nicki Minaj manager, Debra Antney has given the song a five star and calls it a “long feature hit”.

DJ Nelly said: “Both songs are nice and worth listening to. My favorite is ‘Drop It and Wrap it.’”

Having a great chorus intact, the group’s Shinning Man delivers another classic rap on “Wrap it and Drop It.” The songster talks about girls, weed, bottles, and living the celebrity lifestyle.

“Drop it and Wrap it” looks set to be the newest slang for this year and probably the next.

Let’s take a look at some of the lyric from the song “Wrap it and Drop It”.

(Shinning man)
I just want to drop it cut mae from my drunk and wrap it
Call my nigga and my jue than we party
Smoke wee get drunk like we crazy than I wrap
The next day go say my pray to the papay
For long life let me see plenty birth day like
My grandma and my great grand aunty
What you on jue drop it done be scare open that thing let me see it
La only you and me here no che che
You no you like the peking thing them you want act hard head

JB the head of the group bar
To be success full it simple
Either you hustle or you struggle legal or illegal my people
Use your brain or you use your muscle
Cause we only have one life to live
One price to pay whether you like it or not
Everybody going to kick the bucket one day
Whether you like or not


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