“SOS Africa”


International artists Jodi Clarke (The Liberian Boy), Munnah (LIB Princess), Abizzy,  Demi, Adama, Baby Eyey and Sampahh have sent a touching message across with their hot new collaborated single "SOS Africa”; Africa is in need.

Save Our Soul (SOS) Africa, according to the statement from the SOS Africa team, “is a song and video project spearheaded by Liberian international recording artist Jodi to raise awareness about the crises happening in Africa as a whole.

“Jodi called upon other young African talents to join him by using their voices to reach the world. The project features Abizzy (Sierra Leone), Munnah (Liberia), Demi Grace (Nigeria), Hyaden Adama (Sierra Leone), Baby Eye Taylor (Liberia) and Sampah (Ghana),” the statement said.

Being able to unite African artist on a track, who are all reaching out for the same thing (help) is extraordinary. Given that they are all spread around the world, what makes it more stirring is the fact that an international Liberian award winning artist, Jodi Clarke, is the brain behind getting them all together.

Known for hit singles like "Swagger,", "Liberian girl,", "Iron Lady" and “I rep LIB”, a track Lonestar Cell MTN endorsed as one of their ringtones, Jodi produced and arranged the song, wrote the hook, bridge, two verses, and each artist later wrote their verses.

“The S.O.S. Africa Project, an impassioned plea, is using music to create awareness throughout the world about African crises such as the Ebola outbreak, unjust killings of innocent people, kidnapping, and brutal civil outbreaks, all of which have taken the lives of many innocent women, men, and children,” the statement said.

“S.O.S Africa”, an Ebola awareness song and video with its lyrics, graphic and emotional images, has so far clocked well over 3000 views on YouTube.

“His goals for the song now that is out, is to see it on more major media and networks such as BBC INTERNATIONAL and CNN to help get the awareness process on a bigger platform” the statement also stated.

Also, the S.O.S Africa project is not just another song being sung, it’s a cry to the international world to help with funding, donations and whatever relief can be provided in the fight against Ebola as well.

“The S.O.S. Africa Project has chosen the Red Cross to benefit from all donations generated by this project.  Donations can be made directly to the Red Cross by clicking on the link below. All money generated by the Red Cross on behalf of this campaign will be used in Africa,” the statement said.

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