Soltiamon Remembers His Educational Root

St. Solomon Joah, Superintend of the Soltiamon Christian School System at a press confrence in his office

Extends academic activities to Zondo

St. Solomon Joah, Superintend of the Soltiamon Christian School System in Monrovia, has announced that his institution is adding Jr.& Sr. high along with a  college to the elementary school that is already running in Zondo community, District #4, Grand Bassa County as a way of showing gratitude and appreciation to that community where his education life began.

He said Zondo has impacted his life so much that there is a need that he provides the opportunity for children living within the community to have access to quality and western education as a way of expressing his gratitude.

 “We have decided to give back to Zondo a little bit more than what we received here in those days. Realizing the sad trend that many of our brethren who left Zondo could not survive due to the harshness of the socio-economic terrain, Mrs. Joah and I have decided to include the Jr.& Sr. high school and college components in our plan. The elementary school components have been working in Zondo in the last five years.” St. Joah said.

Making the disclosure at a press conference on March 4, 2021, St. Joah said giving back to Zondo has always been a dream to openly express gratitude and appreciation to the people of that historic community. “Giving back to Zondo is like one of the ten lepers that the Lord Jesus healed, this is exactly what Pastor St. Solomon Joah and my lovely wife, Tiangay S. Joah are doing by returning to this community to humanly share the blessings that God has poured upon our lives.”

According to him, the estimated cost of the project for the elementary building which is phase one of the lager project is at the moment US$65,000.00, but he has faith in  God that He will provide. He said they are looking out for any donors to help.

“If the Lord will touch your hearts to give, the project will serve many people soon and will continue to develop the human resource capacity of the area in order to have individuals contribute to the development agenda of our country. This is our vision for giving to Zondo.” He noted.  

He noted that among the blessings received from Zondo Mid mission in order too highlights the reasons for giving back to the Zondo project. ”After a fruitless educational journey in Buchanan at the age of 16, I did lay an educational foundation upon which the superstructure of my education stands. In 1968, my poor father brought my brother, Jefferson A. Zeon and I to attend Mid-Liberia Baptist elementary school.”  

“The high school component should be ready to open in September next year in order to capture those completing Jr. High in September. The college component will be prepared within two years to be ready to receive the first high school graduates. While the high school component is firmly operating, we shall pick up the Jr. high school component,” said Saint Joah.

With confidence, St. Joah said “God honored His word as He gave me the ability to move faster from first grade and I was promoted to 3rd grade. I finished the elementary school earlier and I enrolled at the Christain High School in Tappita, Nimba county, and completed the Jr. High School in two years. Afterward, I came to Monrovia to the teaching of the word of God where I also earned a degree with honor.”   

Additionally, he said it was during his stay at the mission school when he encounter Jesus Christ who save his life from sins. “I also learned from here that it is not enough to just believe and remain nominal;  one must feed on the Bible, the very word of God.”


  1. Solomon Joah who and his son physically brutalized a teen age girl because she used the ladies’ room without the permission of Solomon Joah Jr. has become a living saint? When these rascals have extorted enough money from the poor through offerings and tithes, the next thing is to start giving themselves titles . Here a Solomon Joah wants his victims to see him as a living saint.


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