Skylett White Releases Mini Album


For months fans waited for the release of Skylett White’s most talked about mini album but at long last it is finally out.

The U.S. -based Liberian singer said some of the songs on the mini album were streamed free on YouTube; it was time she takes her career to another level.

According to her, the songs are on sale on Google store, iTune and plans are in the making to ship about 50 copies to Liberia for sale.

The mini album consists of six songs including the hits “Balance” and “Poor Geh Trying To Get Rich”

“Music is my life and this album explains everything about me. I’m happy for this opportunity to let fans know the beginning of my game, the step that I took to reach this far and future plans for my career,” Skylett said.

“My consistency of making hits speaks for itself. I could have given up on music long time and do different thing. The passions for the game keep pushing me and I’m relieved that the action was never made,” she said.

Skylett, who has enjoyed popularity for the hit Balance said she has begun composing the lyric of her mix tape project scheduled for next year.

Skylett says, “The release of the mini album paves the way for future success. I’m excited that fans have their demand, it was not easy getting this work out, but the quest of satisfying the fans with quality music makes it’s possible.”

The mini album is a mixture of different sounds such as Hip-hop, Afro pop and reggae. Her creativity to mingle genre of music in a single song is evidence in the hit Balance, which in its first month gained more than 1000 views.

Talking about the song “Poor Geh Trying To Get Rich” she said, “I’m from a from poor background and didn’t have much growing up especially with my mother being a single parent the only thing that was on my mind and it still there today is making money through my God gift talents not for me, but for her and the family,”

“I’m very grateful to my manager Doc Watts for always pushing me to do my best even in the midst of difficulty. We still keep a positive attitude and get the job done. I appreciate the support receive back home from friend and one day plan on coming on that side,” she added.


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