Skoolboy Wizzy On His New Single


Just three weeks from now sensational singer Skoolboy Wizzy will be releasing his highly anticipated single featuring Togar Howard, an artist who has shared the same stage with Nigeria super star Flavor.

The new single, called “Around the World”, is a club banger, and both artists’ flow on the single was not disappointing.

Wizzy said, “I named this song Around the World because from my travel experience I have never seen any women that are as caring as Liberian women.

“… I think they are the best, and I’m letting them know [that] as much I have traveled, I have not seen any like them,” Wizzy explained.

Expected to be released on May 15, the single will be put out on sale for USD $0.99, on iTunes, Amazon and Google play, becoming his second single after EMOJI, while the rest was put out for free download.

“I think for too long I have given fans music for free for download. It It’s about time that I follow the business trend. Music is about business and nothing in the industry is free,” the artist said.

On Togar Howard, Skoolboy noted that when he decided to feature the versatile singer, the only thought that came to his mind was that Togar would not be a disappointment on the song.

Wizzy said, “I knew he would make this work. He has the kind of flow that can match any beat. His style as a singer is different and unique. After I sent him the track, his first response was `I love it’, and we moved on from there.”

Among the many artists he has worked with, Wizzy said the “Basima Basima” hit maker is among the best — a down-to-earth person and a hit maker.


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