‘Skinned’ Movie Premier This Saturday


‘Skinned,’ the anti-bleaching movie that narrates the story of a beautiful black lady named Jolie who bleached until she turned ‘white,’ but at the end, led to a very serious health crisis for her, will premier in Liberia on Saturday at the Monrovia City Hall.

The movie is actress turned screenwriter and director Lisa Raye McCoy’s first feature film, and stars popular actor Van Vicker.

In the movie, Jolie got married after a successful modeling career. However, after some years trying to conceive a child, she experienced a nightmarish situation after it was discovered that she could not give birth due to the long term effects of the chemicals in the bleaching creams she used.

As her situation deteriorated, she also discovered that she had skin cancer, with only six months to live, a fate she was forced to accept and face alone.

The film ‘Skinned’ aims to tackle the increase in skin bleaching among black women, and some men, who thinks that doing so makes them more attractive to potential suitors. The movie sends out the message to those in the habit of bleaching that it is also not good for their health in the long run.

The melodrama sends a final message to black people to love the way they are; that black is beautiful.

According to Dr. Clarice Kulah, who is one of the organizers of the premier, said the reason for premiering the movie in Liberia is to educate Liberian women about the dangerous effects of bleaching.

“While the movie will be entertaining, it will also be sending out a very positive message to the audience about bleaching, not only for ladies, but men as well,” Dr. Kulah said.

Van Vicker will be in Liberia for the premier.

Tickets prices are as follows: VIP US$50; Regular US$25 and tickets are sold at Lila Brown, Peace Café and Lovetta Sendolo .The premier kicks off at 7:00 p.m. at the Monrovia City Hall.


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