Six Things You Do Not Know About Dahnsaw


Whether you know him or not, E. Owusu Dahnsaw is arguably one of the finest actors Liberia can boast of. His acting power and skill are amazing. He’s the celebrity who is loved and sometimes disliked because of his stance on issues.

However, despite Dahnsaw’s numerous achievements and all the information on him, there is still some many people don’t know. With that in mind, here we present our list of six things you probably didn’t know about Dahnsaw.

1. He is the fourth out of nine children
Dahnsaw is the fourth of his parents’ nine children and he is the only celebrity among them. His cousin Jimmy Dee is the second celebrity in the Dahnsaw clan.

2. It was a difficult, food wise, in Nigeria
When Dahnsaw travelled to Nigeria for the Next Movie Star Competition, his biggest challenge was getting used to Nigerian Food. Guest what? After the competition he was craving their food more.

3. Favorite Food
The actor’s favorite food is a well-cooked meal. Once it’s delicious he is all into it. But Torborgee and dumboy are his first choices.

4. Born with acting Skill
It might sound unreal, but it is true. Acting is in Dahnsaw’s bloodline. He started practicing his skill at a very tender age. Also, his writing skills have been honed through the years by the literary works of art and the writings of great elders.

5. Resigned his Job to represent Liberia at the Next Movie Star Competition in Nigeria
Yes indeed, Dahnsaw resigned his job as an employee of the Ministry of National Defense in the office of the Chief of Staff Brigadier General Daniel Dee Ziankahn to pursue his true passion.

6. He has no Kids
The guy is still single with no kids. He vows to have all his kids by one woman.


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