Six Amazing Facts about Master Queen


Since she made her radio debut eight years ago, radio diva Master Queen has continued to dominate the airwaves with her bold stance on issues affecting or obtaining in the entertainment industry.

Her stance has helped her attract a fan base that spans several generations.

We find this a very good reason to list some amazing facts about the airwave and business that fans do not or may not know…

Singer F.A is not her boyfriend

For the last four or five months, many people in the industry have speculated that Master Queen’s boyfriend is F.A. However, in reality the two are best of friends; and that’s all.

She is the last child and second celebrity in her family

Interestingly, Master Queen is the second person in her family to become a celebrity, next to her biological brother Joseph C. Weah, one of Liberia’s finest movie actors.

Not only that, she is from a family of seven children, and is the last born.

She sweats when the air conditioner is on

That’s right, the first day Master Queen broadcasted live on Crystal FM she perspired so much her clothes were soaked through. This is funny as the diva was sitting in an air conditioned room…maybe she was nervous?

She started her career with no experience in Journalism

Master Queen started working as a radio broadcaster with no journalism experience or training in 2008, when she graduated from high school.

Favorite food is palm butter

When asked about her favorite food, the radio diva name Palm Butter, a local cuisine loved by people from the southeastern part of Liberia. Although she traces her roots to Maryland County, Master Queen was born in Bomi County and grew up in Monrovia, Montserrado County.

Martina Brown and Angie Martinez inspired her

Although she always wanted to be a journalist, her radio career was inspired by Martina Brown and Angie Martinez.


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