“Shy Star” J-Glo Opens Up


From the middle of the last decade, J-Glo was one of the most talented female vocalists coming up in the entertainment industry.  After her first single “Friday in 2005, she has been featured on tracks like Enough of Your Love, Yes Nah, Party Time, Hero, In The Hole and many more.

Her vocal ability proved to music pundits and fans that she was not just a singer by chance, but an incredible vocal artist who could sing all genres of music.

Her rise to stardom begin early in 2003, when she was invited by Rosalie Bryant (wife of the late former Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia, Charles Gyude Bryant), to perform at the first National Women Peace Conference in Liberia with the song "United let us be".

The biggest moment of her music career came in 2012, when she shared the same stage with American stars Shantelle, R.L. and DJ Bennie D (a.k.a. Akon's DJ) at the AAW-Peace Concert organized by Miss Boss Lady Entertainment, at the S.K.D. Sports Stadium in Paynesville.

But fans and pundits, have been wondering what has taking her so long to release new single since 2011.

In a recent interview, J-Glo shared with LIB Life about her apparent absence from the music industry, future plans and relationship status.

"My fans don't know that I’m a very shy artist. So shy to the extent that I laugh and talk too much just to cover it up.”

LIB Life: Hi, J-Glo can you tell us a little bit about yourself.

J.Glo: My name is Gloria Jebbeh Haynes and I by the stage name J-Glo. I’m Liberian musician, makeup artist and a natural hair stylist. Basically I sing in Jazz, R&B, Hip Pop and Afro Pop.  I'm a founding member of Liberian Artist Together for Advancement (LATA), where I serve as secretary general.

LIB Life:  J-Glo How valuable is music to you?

J.Glo: Music is my life and don't really see it as a profitable career, because I’m not getting paid for it.

LIB Life: If music is your life, than what is taking you so long to drop new songs?

J-Glo: At some point in time, I lost my planner approach and got frustrated about doing music. However, I didn't stop writing songs in my closet when lonely, but lost all hope of doing music again.

LIB Life: What got you frustrated about doing music?

J-Glo: Going to the studio doing songs and then you are informed that the machine cracked; all your effort goes in vain and somehow other artists get their songs, but you never get yours. For me music is like a relationship and when you are in relationship with somebody, you give your all and when, at the end, you are not getting the needed responses, it makes you upset. Thank God I’m back.

LIB Life: Hmm that sad, but how do you regain your motivation to come back in the game.

J-Glo:  One of the major factors for me retaining my sanity for music was the encouragement I received from Dr. Kimmie Weeks, K- Zee and Lady Murphy.  Kimmie Weeks said, J-Glo I know what you can do and if only you know the importance of your vocal, you will reconsider your decision about leaving music. This was also echo by K- Zee and Lady Murphy.       

LIB Life: Good to know that you are back, what are your plans for 2015?

J-Glo: yeah, I’m working on a new project called "Da Lie"; this one is dedicated to my fans as a song for my long absence from the music scene. For this time around, I have decided not to only sing Jazz Music but at least have a mixture of Colloquia, and Afro Pop for the sake of my fans. Even do I was not active in the music world, but I was still on the recent LATA Ebola hope song.

LIB Life:  It was recently rumored in the entertainment industry that you have find your life partner. How can you respond to that?

J-Glo: Wow, that's good news, but the most frustrating part is that I’m out of a relationship now. My last relationship broke up three year ago because it was stressful and I pledged to just stay out of relationships, since my ideal guy has not been found.

LIB Life: What do you expect from a guy, before he can become your ideal guy?

J-Glo: I'm a very emotional person and love to be cared for (time, patience, been supportive toward my career) by my partner. Maybe my behavior is little bit selfish, but I expect lot for that person and right now I’m not willing to enter into any relationship stress again.

LIB Life: thanks for the interview, is there anything you like to add?

J-Glo: I'm grateful to the all mighty God for life and also will like to thank my fans for the patience they are still exercising with me.


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