When I Wept for Darlene Kollie (True Confession)


Meeting Darlene Kollie was just something from a dream. She was a petite type of girl, about five-five and large eyes that looked like she was looking through me. There were some fresh scratches on her face but her plump body was complemented with her ability to make anyone feel welcome. It was the beginning of February, 2012 when we met at a friend’s birthday party.

The moment our eyes met, I knew there was some chemistry that needed to cement the love that was bubbling in our hearts. She sat alone at one of the corners in the house, and being the nosey type, I ambled my way to her.

I said, “Hi friend,” and smiling, sat beside her, “may I sit with you?” And I was already seated beside her.

“No problem,” she said, and her voice had something that excited me. I was becoming entranced with her and did not want to lose any moment.

“I see you are alone here,” I made an attempt to engage her in conversation, “I’ve been watching you and I thought I should come over to chat with you.”

Her lovely eyes swept from left to right and that was when I saw some additional scratches on the side of her face. I wanted to ask her whether she had been involved in a motor-bike accident but my mouth was heavy. The dimple on her cheek was discernible and it distracted me. Her pointed eyes gazed at me and I felt somehow uneasy. It was like they were telling me something that I was not readily discerning.

“I like to be by myself,” she said, and rolled her head back. Her glittering eyes held a gleam of humor and laughed in genuine amusement.

“I was just wondering why you are sitting here alone,” I said, and her lovely eyes stared at me.

“I came with some friends,” she said, still smiling, “but they are all busy as you can see over there.”

I turned to look at the direction she had indicated and I saw several beautiful women engaged in some discussions. In fact the party had gone on for a while and my friend whose party we had assembled had gotten drunk and was nowhere around.

To cut a long story short, three months later, we had come to know each other fairly well and poor me I never entertained any idea that there could be any surprise somewhere in the horizon about her. I mean a surprise about her relationship and whether she was enjoying her life in it or whether there was a high chance that I would lose her to someone I never imagined.

However, I also knew it was possible that since she possessed beautiful features as I indicated above, there was every reason to believe that she was already in an affair or she was almost somebody’s wife or otherwise. For every matured lady in the street you come in contact to may have some dear one somewhere and so I never doubted that about Darlene Kollie. Did I think about what might happen just in case one day she would break the news to me about who she really was? That question would very often come to my mind but I would hurriedly push it aside. After all I was enjoying the relationship or rather we were enjoying our new found association and did not want to turn it upside down. Who might want to change such a destiny? I would not do that of course but I was aware that sooner or later, we would reach there. And perhaps she might be thinking on similar issues about me, but since she never asked about it, I chose to let it be. Why would you wake a sleeping dog, if being awake would upset things? That was smart of me, wasn’t I?

In truth within a short period of time we had grown fond of each other because it became evident that she had grown gradually to accept me, as a friend beloved. Perhaps the reader would think that I was so gullible about relationships that I would simply accept such a situation in the face value, for the truth was that I knew love when I saw one, and was always not prepared to probe on to invite any disappointment.

One day I visited Darlene at her residence in Logan Town. When I arrived, I could hear a man’s voice in the particular house that I knew to be her own and not aware of any of her immediate brothers in Monrovia, I ignored the message that was forcing itself into my ears. Three young men were chattering, sitting on the other side of her house, and when they saw me, one of them emitted a cough.

I swept my eyes to see who was coughing and suddenly, the three who were happily chattering became quiet and began to look each other in the face. I ignored it and moved towards the room and gave it a knock.

“Knock, knock.”

“Who is knocking at the door like that,” a man’s voice said.

“Knock, knock,” I kept the pressure on, and waited.

“I say who is that,” the voice came back, and it was then I knew something strange was about to happen.

I wanted to leave and return another time but since I was not sure about who was in the room, I decided to wait and see the result.

“It’s Tony,” I said, “I came to Darlene.”

“Who is he, Darlene?” the voice said, and the next moment, a huge man stormed out of the room, holding Darlene by the neck. She was in tears. He pushed her violently towards me.

“You came to this thing?” was what he said to me, and though he appeared physically strong, I felt instantly angry and knew right then what had been going on in Darlene’s life, which was that she was being abused by him.

“I’m sorry,” she sobbed and looked at me, as I embraced her. Shockingly, tears filled my eyes, for Darlene. But to my surprise the huge man had returned to the room and was howling against her.

“Useless woman,” he shouted, “when will you learn sense? I want you to go away from me…” He followed it with several vulgar expressions that are not worth to mention here. It was simply a shock, for I could not believe that this woman that I had come to know with goodness in her heart could be the one being spoken of.

I knew I had to act but I was alone and therefore I could not make any attempt to get vigilante justice for Darlene and therefore I decided to encourage her to leave the house to avoid further trouble. Outside the house, neighbors had congregated and were whispering about the “trouble that Darlene has found herself in.” It was apparent that some of the neighbors had witnessed her new joy and the change that had come into her life and the contrast experience of horror that filled her life at home. I decided then that I would engage Darlene in real discussions about her life and what was really happening behind the scene.

Two years later Darlene and I we were happily married, for out of her troubles she found love from someone who cared. It would be interesting for me to narrate interesting events that had surrounded our relationship in the two years, but the reader should only be rewarded with the sweet outcome of a woman whose future was almost destroyed because the man in her life at the time had determined the destiny of her life.

Evidently, there would be challenging times for us, but with our first child on the way, and Darlene having shown in every way that she deserved the best that I could offer, it had been my bounding duty to always remember where and how we met, so that the new day that God in her tender mercy allowed to come into our life, would continue as long as we both lived together as one.


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