Koikoi`s Suit


Back in a small village called Malamai lived Koikoi and Bobo, two best friends among the villagers.

Koikoi and Bobo did things in common in tapping palm wine, fishing, farming and most of the cases eating together. If one had killed an animal, he would give a potion to his friend for his family even if the friend was away.

At times, they did their farm work together as Kuu, from brushing to that of clearing and fencing. Their friendship was not just limited to that but the two men were traditional healers. Koikoi was the town head traditional healer while Bobo was the head traditional healer of the Clan.

The villagers used to admire the two men so much that many people felt that not one of the men could be brave to cheat on his friend due to their hand work and fear of God.

The two men were sent to partake in the poro festival in the nearby clan. As the two men arrived in their host village in the clan, Bobo was given a room first while the chief and elders were finding a sleeping place for koikoi. After thirty minutes, Bobo told the people not to worry; he and his friend will stay in the same room. He told the people that he knows that logging business is always a serious problem during such an occasion because others traditional healers are here and many more to come in few days so that laid Koikoi`s logging to rest.

The next evening, Koikoi told his friend Bobo that when he is going to bed, he should lock the door for him, Koikoi was sleeping out. Bobo agreed but never ask KoiKoi where or with whom he was going to sleep because they were all men on their own.

At about 7:30 p.m. Koikoi walked back for two hours to their village but before reaching his village he spent some time with a friend in a nearby village. At midnight, Koikoi entered Malamai because he did not want people to see him, mainly his wives or even to know that he was there. Koikoi entered the village and walked straight into Bobo`s house and in his room. KoiKoi met his friend Bobo`s second wife, slept there and wrestle with her in bed naked.

Early the following morning, Koikoi left so that no one sees him including those in the next village. When Koikoi got back, he met Bobo had just got out of bed and unlock the door to come out. This went on for a period of two weeks and three days before the story change hand.

That wonderful evening, Bobo told Koikoi that he was going also somewhere and would be back late, so he should manage things.

Koikoi asked Bobo, have you your keys with you? Yes, Bobo answered. Then good bye, if you return and don`t see me, we will meet in the morning as usual, said Koikoi.

Bobo didn`t commit but walked out and straight to his village. When Bobo got home, he went around the village and greeted everyone including Koikoi`s family. Koikoi` wives and children were very happy to see Bobo and to get some information about their husband and father’s wellbeing. Bobo told them that his friend Koikoi was well and strong and no problem. In fact we both are sleeping together in the same room. Everyone laughed and then Koikoi
first wife said “two friends one brother”. Bobo turned and went home.

When the dusk sat in, Bobo told his second wife to go and sleep in the big house with the other women and children. The woman asked him, why didn`t you send message that you were coming today and secondly, you are asking me out of the room? Bobo smile and said to his second wife if I`m coming to my village and to my house, who should I ask? And I am a traditional healer that travels at my will. The woman murmured while walking out of the room, “let me tell you this is not fair,” she said.

Bobo did not care whether fair or not, he took off his cloths but forgot to lock the door and went to bed. As he was between sleep and awake, he heard a sound of the door opening. He pretended to be in deep sleep.

Koikoi walked in, took off his short trouser suit and hanged it behind the door, spoke but no response. Hun-hun, Korpo, I`m sorry for coming late today, but is there any food for me? No response. Koikoi went over to the bed and begin to play with Bobo on the bed thinking that`s Korpo.

Bobo never shake until Koikoi rub his hand on Bobo`s chin and then wanted to run away then Bobo grabbed his hand but Koikoi fought and escape leaving behind his suit.

Koikoi went ‘butt naked’ until he reached the village in between the two towns (Their village and the place of the feast). There, he went and knocked the window, awaken one of his friends and when he entered butt naked, his friend became afraid and confused as to what was going on.

Koikoi begged his friend to let him a suit of any kind and to keep it as a top secret for life but refused to explain what had happened. His friend lent him the cloths (a trouser and a shirt) which enable Koikoi to go back.

The next morning as Bobo got out of bed, he saw the short trousers` suit and right away he knew the owner. So he remains silent but took the suit and placed it in his bag and took it along. When Bobo got back, he never said anything to Koikoi or anyone else.

After two weeks, the Poro feast was over. Quietly and friendly Bobo and Koikoi went home.

The following morning Bobo took out Koikoi`s suit from his bag and started walking around the village like a town crier. He was yelling out by saying ‘whose suit is this; whose suit is this?’ If I don`t find the person, I will throw medicine on him and the person will die.” Bobo went around the village till he faced Koikoi`s house. When Koikoi saw Bobo, he ran from the piazza and ran in his room.

Bobo walked straight to Koikoi`s house with the same announcement. Koikoi`s wife looked keenly at the suit then when inside the room and called her husband to come and see the suit.

Koikoi hesitated but went out sheepishly and greeted his friend. His wife asked of the suit, Koikoi denied that the suit was not his. The lady said to him that the suit was for him. He was so angry that he slaps her and says that she was a lair. My suit got missing since, koikoi said. The woman yell, you lie, I washed this suit just before you people went for your man society feast.

Bobo said, no palaver. I am going to throw medicine and the owner of this suit will die. Then Koikoi yelled: ‘noooo! You can do that! Please don`t kill that person.’ The village chief arrived and asked Koikoi is the suit yours? No,
Koikoi answered, but we cannot stay here for this man to kill someone. We all know how powerful this great healer is. The chief quiet the conflict at that moment.

Two hour later, behind close door, the true story of the suit was discussed. Koikoi and his wife went to the chief with three senior elders demanding that they beg Bobo not to kill him because the suit is legal chatter. Koikoi`s tears ran down……… I must admit that I was caught wrestling naked in bed with Borbor`s wife, and I escaped but I left my suit behind. Chief Massaquoi, I am guilty.

Chief Massaquoi, sent for Bobo and his second wife to come at his court. Bobo and his wife hurry to the chief call as the message landed in their ears.

Later on, behind close door, the true story of the suit was discussed among the elders including Bobo and Koikoi. The elders including KoiKoi asked for forgiveness from Bobo.

Question: If you were in the position of Bobo, will you accept Koikoi`s forgivingness or not?

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