Crooking the Crook

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If you think that you are a crook, someone may be even more crooked than you!

This was the case with a certain motor cyclist and another who happened to be an ex-motor cyclist. But because of the ex-motor cyclist’s crookedness in the past, no one was willing to entrust him with a motor bike.

The ex-motor cyclist, during the past, was never faithful to his employers. He would convert the daily proceeds to his personal use, for which he was now without a job.

Additionally, he was always in the habit of tricking blind people whenever they sought to ride with him and blackmail them.

Whenever a blind fellow would give him a $100.00 or $50.00 bank note, and knowing that the distance was at least $20.00 or less, he would tell the blind fellow that the amount was $20.00 LD when the fare for the distance was actually $20.00 LD or $10.00LD.

This was how the tricky motor cyclist continued and cheated blind people all the while he was running his motor bike. Most of his fellow motor cyclists would advise him to desist from such an ungodly behavior; yet he would not see reason to change until this fateful day, when he eventually encountered his match.

This day, the ex-motor cyclist masqueraded as a blind fellow and went on the field where this crook fellow always abused blind folks.

He decided to do away with the crook motor cyclist’s motor bike and put an end to his bad career since the latter thought earning an honest living was difficult.

Once on the field where this crook motor cyclist ran his bike, the ex-motor cyclist soon encountered him, thereby pretending to be blind and presenting him a $50.00LD bank note!

“Hello my friend,” he greeted the crook.

“Yes, what can I do for you?” the crook motor cyclist asked the pretentious blind man.

“I want you to look at this money and tell me how much it is,” he told the crook.

“This is $20.00LD,” he told the blind man.

“Are you sure about this?” the blind man asked.

“Yes, indeed,” he assured the blind man.

“Okay then buy $15.00LD worth of bread and a bag of cold water for me,” the blind man asked him for a favour which the crook gladly did and took the $ 30.00LD change for himself.

As soon as the masquerade blind man got through eating the bread, he presented yet another bank note to the conscienceless motor cyclist. This time, it was a US$20.00 bank note.

“Look at this,” the blind man said, handling the crook motor cyclist the bank note.

“How much is it?” he asked the crook.

“This is a US$5.00 bank note,” he told the blind man.

“Okay then!” the masquerade blind man said with a sigh.

“What is the fare from here to Bong Mines?” he asked the crook.

“The fare is 35.00LD,” the crook said in confidence knowing that the fare from Kakata to Bong Mines was $250.00LD.

“Then what is the value of the US$ 5.00 in Liberian dollars?” the blind man wanted to know.

“It’s LD$400.00 at eighty Liberian dollars to one United States Dollar,” he answered.

“So, I will have LD$50.00 change when you take me to Bong Mines,” the blind man asked him.

“Yes, indeed,” the crook assured the masquerade blind fellow.

“Okay then. Please take me to Bong Mines,” the blind fellow finally told the crook.

How happy the crook motorcyclist thought he would soon come to be, thinking that he would crook the masquerade blind fellow out of US$15.00 and though he did not know what was on the mind of the man who he apparently mistook for a blind man.

He therefore hurriedly put the blind fellow on his motor bike but the blind man astonishingly started the bike and did away with it within the twinkle of an eye, to the amazement of those that stood by at the Bong Mines Parking Station.

The confused crook began to cry, “My people your come; the blind man is running away with my motorbike!” He sobbed and began to sweat at the same time. He could not believe his own eyes!

But some of those on the dramatic scene did not take the crook motor cyclist serious though; for how could a blind man have the ability to ride a motor bike, or run away with it?

They, therefore, did not assist him in chasing after the blind man; not even other motor cyclists who happened to be on the scene.

Yet, some of them too began to laugh in hysteria saying, “He thought he was a super crook but a blind man has taught him a lesson.”

The crook motorcyclist therefore learned a hard lesson that day and probably saw reason to change his attitude. Despite every effort he made to retrieve the motor bike, it was to no avail.


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