Shattered Dream


By Edward Boakai

Being ambitious is great; but being over ambitious also has its bad side and could rob one of a cherished and dream! Who knows?

This soon came to be the case with a certain young and energetic man who worked tirelessly around the clock just to make his dream come true.

For Suion Jenteh, his dream of owning a car caused him to become so ambitious that he did not care to cater to the welfare of his family.

He was married though, to a charming wife, beautiful Polahn. The couple was blessed with three children: Sackie, small Sulon and little Ma Lon; but because of his ambition of owning a car, they almost always went without proper diet for days or weeks until the wife soon ran out of patience!

“Sulon, don’t you have feelings?” vented in frustration. “How long will you continue to punish us in the name of buying a car?” For, she loved her husband so much and could not afford to blast at him the way she did.

But Sulou Jenteh did not utter even a word as if to say, “one cent can’t cause noise.” He rather preferred letting “sleeping dog lie” since his ambition was to have a car of his own, no matter what. Whether his dear wife and children ever went hungry or were deprived of basic necessities he paid deaf ears but, to his ambition, still added speed!

It occurred that he usually planted sugar cane along the banks of Quelen River, made rice farm, cut palm nut and made vegetable garden too, but whenever he harvested his crops and sold the produce, he would save the proceeds for the purchase of his dream car, every year.

The young man became so engrossed with the issue of his car until he did not care to look back at his responsibility as a caring and loving father. Thus, he became carless, irresponsible and the subject of gossip around the town.

By and by, he struggled and still continued to struggle until he almost realized his selfish dream one day, except for an unfortunate event which shattered his long cherished dream that fateful day!

It all started when the man had saved money sufficient enough to purchase his dream car and was en route to Monrovia with his sack of money on his back as he suddenly encountered a little bird in the middle of the road leading from his village to Flehla Town, where he would board a vehicle for Monrovia.

He immediately became excited at seeing the little colorful bird and resolved to chase after it for a catch; for each time he tried catching the little bird, it would not fly too far away from him.

Sulon Jenteh hopefully had the vague imagination that he would catch the beautiful pet for his five years old daughter, little Ma Lon, back home. But, this would not be, as the little bird seemed to serve as a recipe {decoy} for his shattered dream!

For, in as much as the little bird kept flying not too far away from him, he kept chasing after it. He even took his sack of money from his back; put it near a tree and redoubled his resolve to catch the little bird. But, apparently out of a confused state of mind, forgot to mark the tree just in case he returned later after his chase to find the money.

He was so desperate to catch the little bird that while until he failed to discern that “time and tide wait fir no man,” for, time was fleeting so fast and dark was fast approaching. He who had been unwisely following after the little bird since seven thirty that morning, forgot to know by then that it was almost six o’clock in the evening and that, darkness was now replacing light by then!

Before long, it was now dark and Sulon Jenteh did not catch the bird. Needless say, could he find his sack of money! He became alarmed and frightened all the same at the thought of losing his hard earned money for the sack of a little bird which he did not catch since he did not mark the tree. How would he explain his ordeal to his poor wife and children whom he had deprived over the years and the towns people. He became dejected, as cold beads of sweat formed on his face and suddenly began to wash his entire body.

Sulon Jentheh had worked tirelessly over the years to generate money for the purchase of his dream car; for which, he deprived his wife and children of basic necessities. Now, for his dream to be shattered at the instance of a little bird which he chased but did not catch, was ultimately a severe blow for him! Why must this happen to him? He cried bitterly in the middle of the bushes as though there was no more hope for him “in this man’s world.”

The End!


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