“She’s Fine”: Black Diamond’s Single is a Holiday Hit


Black Diamond also known as the Black 1, is back with a bumping dance hit illustrating a stunning woman worth the stare that everyone on the dance floor is giving her. In the 4:23 minutes-long track, Black Diamond wants the love of this beautiful creature.

In his deliverance, you can tell her dance moves are spicy enough to make everyone, including Black 1 want her as their own.

“Wherever she passes by, all the boys are going crazy. She’s exclusive and all the guys are asking if she can be their girlfriend.

“She’s Fine, has that Carnival style energy that will have you waving your flag. It is a sound from the motherland that transcends beyond the Islands of Jamaica, Haiti, St. Lucia and Barbados” he stated via Email.

The song goes: “…The way you wiggle and bubble your thing/ you make a bad man want to spend some thing/

This song will definitely hit the “must play” list for this holiday season.

Meanwhile, Black Diamond, during the festive season in 2014, reached out the homeless, needy and mentally disabled in Liberia by feeding them. This time around, he is eager to render his charity towards the most needy, orphaned Liberian children.


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