Scientific Re-releases ‘Nothing Without You’


Award winning Hip Hop rap artist Scientific has teamed up with Ghanaian Jayso to re-release the song “Nothing Without You”.

The latest version is aimed at giving hope to the citizens of Belgium and all those who were present during the tragic bombing.

The song is an up tempo gospel with a Hip-Hop twist.

“My heart is filled with tears for the victims and all those who have lost loved ones in the attack,” the rapper said. “All we can do now is band together the best we can as one family and help everyone get back on their feet.”

As a child growing up in Liberia, Scientific said, he experienced the impact of war, hate and terror. So releasing the song with some new lyrics was meant to console the victims.

“My prayer for the world is peace and love — not hate. With the loss of several lives in this horrific attack, which included a Liberian victim, I can only share this song with victims’ families and all who survived, letting them know it is well.”


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