Scientific Puts Pressure on Haters in New Song


‘Let’s be patriotic and support our own. We embrace strangers; mentally we’re not grown,’ Scientific raps in a newly released song.

While many were chilling at home over the weekend, Scientifics' new track 'Haters KillaS' blasted on my speakers in all ends of my room. Whether or not he knows about it, the song has leaked to the Internet, and I downloaded my copy.

A little over a month ago, June 14, 2014, Scientific was crowned Best Aartist of the Year, Ghana Hip-Hop Artist of the Year and Artist of the Year Africa during the Liberian Music Awards. And with so many recent accolades now added to his collection, many are rejoicing the fact that Liberia now has its musical king.

'Listen close LIB wise up, the youth, you got my permission to rise up. We started this, our neighboring countries [have] passed us, we fight for crumbs while others getting the fast bucks.' Scientific rips in the first two bars.

Scientific has been working hard and in his track "Haters Killas", you can hear a rap thirsty finger being pointed at those who wouldn't agree to this. 

'Let's be patriotic and support our own, we embrace strangers mentally we’re not grown. Foreign artist get paid in thousands maybe 20s, while my brothers get paid chump change I call it pennies. Haters Killas, if you involved then you’re a Haters Killas'

Meanwhile, scientific has been doing more than just dropping track after track; he’s been also into a little charity work.

“I'm involved with some Charity work as well right now. Been involved with a charity for orphanage homes. In fact, I happen to be a coach for one of the orphanage teams, and I have a lovely time with them. Most of them are even fans of my music, I’ve just been versatile and showing more of what I can do because there's different sides to everybody,” the rap ruler shared.

According to Scientific, he’s been busy trying to live up to his name as the best African artist.

“Well I just been working and recording a lot of hit songs produced by international producers. I'm dropping an album by the end of the year. Not bragging but I got too much skill that I haven't even showcased yet to the world. These two records ‘Haters KillaS’ and ‘Shawty’ are big hits though and Liberia will really love them.”

Furthermore, the Liberian rap rider has been doing some big things himself, including connecting with some familiar record labels.

“I got links with a record label in New York that I'm working with, so there’s bigger plans. I definitely have big plans for the people out there in Liberia but unfortunately the rain happen to slow that down a little. I really wanted to show appreciation to them. All is not lost; we will still make it happen,” he furthered.


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