Scientific Drops New Song: “It’s A War”


Scientific’s new release, “It’s A War” is an exceptional discourse to the political power structure, performed in the urban languages of hip-hop and dancehall. The street-banging yet relaxed song sends a clear message about negative things that follow when people are denied basic rights and must endure in the midst of prejudice, economic warfare and segregation.

“It’s A War”, has a little colloquial rap, teaming up with Ghana’s Dancehall star IRoyale, whose Patois flow was excellent.

But they could have done better work on the chorus, for that would have given fans a clear understanding of its concept.

The Ghana-based Liberian rapper Scientific said “the song outline tells a story of jobless youths who will attack and even take your life just to rob you of things less expensive in order to survive, telling the listeners of how worse the condition of an area, a city, a town, a state and a country can be and the reasons why some places are so dangerous to live in.”

The song is a wake-up call for slumbering leaders, especially those across Africa who have failed to live according to their promises. The message is crystal clear and insists on an urgent need for government officials to excel in their duties to the people, so as to foster development, peace, economic stability and wide range of innovations for future generations.

“We named it ‘It’s A War’ because everything we talked about reflects the life of 98 percent Africans,” says Scientific. “We know the theme is the right picture for the song. We want our fans to know the feeling we are feeling and it’s a war feeling.”

Scientific, whose previous song “No Pain No Gain”, described the adversity in the life of Africans, says he hopes the song will be able to educate Africans and motivate African leaders to implement policies that will activate the true destiny of Africa.

Scientific believes that the change can only take place in unity and togetherness, with one voice eradicating all the “evil foxes and vampires” in our towns, cities, countries and on our continent.

Below are a few bars from the song:

Di evil foxes inner we town make we step pondem Vampires haffi burn make we light pondem fire Cuz a dem we Naa reach nowhere And dem never have no pity at all So mi go so then

It’s a war yes it’s a war
Mi people dem a bawl dem a cry it’s a war
24/7 it’s a war mi people dem a bawl dem a cry it’s a war

Lyrics from IRoyale:
CuzdemCyaa find no food fidempickeneys
And di youth cyan get no opportunities
If we wan fi build our cities light fire pondi wicked (fire pondi wicked) Dem slogan (is a war)
A boy wan fi load gun and sit inner corner wan fi come fi you doughnut
Cus dem boys can’t find no jobs
And if you are not lucky then your life’s done………..

Lyrics from Scientific:
I got Christ why your worship these idol things
If there’s justice for the poor Diallo wins my team stay connected Siamese twins I’m a heir to throne check my bio links
I had a dream Martin Luther King in his prime /Africa there’s poverty now Boko Haram killin innocent people see what happen to Sadam /Karma is pay back its only matter of time
Your faking with big grammars, presidential jets, build you roads and hospital we seen nothin yet
They say vision 2020 what the hell is that? Another moneymaking moves for your selfish acts


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