Scientific and Quincy-B Release Hot New Single “Shawty”


The latest collabo between ace Liberian rapper Scientific and the soulful Quincy-B is finally here!

The song, ‘Shawty’, produced by Infectious Michael, was released on October 15 but didn’t get to hit town till early last week. This is supposedly their second collaboration together with more coming up. The first was with a song entitled ‘My Dream’.

“‘Shawty’ is a song which best describes an ‘African queen’, who is one in a million, with a body like a goddess and who is worth giving up the world to be with,” says Scientific.  

With songs such as 'My Dream', Haters Killaz, 'Feel my pain' and 'I can see the light' amongst others, Scientific, a Liberian-born Hip-Hop/Rap musician based in Ghana, portrays himself as a talented, sleek African artist who appreciates and celebrates his roots and people through music.  With songs depicting the hardships in Liberia and Africa and also songs to motivate Liberians in particular to fight to achieve their dreams, this time around, it’s a song to tell the African Woman how beautiful and adored she is. According to Scientific, his African queen is a 'Precious Diamond'.

Quincy-B, who happens to be Wonda World’s newly Signed Artist, also graces this song with his angelic voice. In such an era where most of our African women including young ladies are swayed by a western definition of beauty, ‘Shawty’ intends to prove that African women are still appreciated and loved in their natural skins and culture.

The song has been spread to some DJs across the country and can be heard on local stations or better still found via the QR code above [Soundcloud or Reverbnation].


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