Samuel Weds Marietta


In an atmosphere of happiness, families of Marietta Triplet and Samuel Keller, including well wishers and the congregation of Life Tabernacle Church gathered to witness a dream comes true for a young couple in holy matrimony on early Sunday September 6, in Monrovia.

Under the guidance of Rev. S. Oliver Kpan, Pastor of the Life Tabernacle Church, Marietta, a resident of Indiana, U.S.A, and Samuel, a resident of Liberia, exchanged marital vows thereby committing themselves to each other until death. The newly wedded couple dated for the past eight years.

Samuel took the golden ring and placing it on Marietta’s finger, said, “I commit all my love to you. I receive you as God’s gift to me. As He enables me, with my possessions, which are for you also, I will support and lead our home spiritually and physically under the lordship of Jesus Christ.”

In like manner, Marietta promised to trust the Lord, to enable her to submit to Samuel as her spiritual head and leader of their home, to spiritually and physically support him with her possessions, which are also his, through each challenge of life until Jesus comes.

The pastor then declared Marietta and Samuel husband and wife, gave thanks to God and blessed their vows amidst cheers and round of applauses from the congregation.


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