Runway Liberia Kickoff Tomorrow


We are just a day from the kickoff of Runway Liberia, the biggest fashion event for Liberian designers in the U.S.A. that will be featuring classical and well-known designers who will be showcasing their various distinct fashion attires, both Western and African.

The event will also see more than 10 designers from different countries rocking the runway with nothing else but classical designs and accessories displaying uniqueness in modern fashion.

Also, the founder of the Empowerment Temple Church in the U.S and former advisor to President Barrack Obama, Jamal Harrison Bryant, will be one of the high profile special guests at the esteemed occasion.

This year’s Runway Liberia is being held under the theme:“Empowerment and Branding” aimed at showcasing Liberia’s fashion creativity to the outside world.

Apart form the runway, this year’s event has another great component, which is the Business of Fashion Seminar going down hours before the event, where designers will be taught basic small business management and fashion entrepreneurial skills by experts.

“The Business of Fashion Seminar is aimed at teaching and enhancing these skills in emerging fashion entrepreneurs, students, graduates and those already in the industry.

“The seminar focuses on business opportunities and examines how to identify, manage and develop new products, Liberian textile, new ideas and new services,” said Junda Morris Kennedy, creator of Runway Liberia.

Madam Kennedy noted that all designs and fashion accessories at the event would meet the essential needs of a buyer in terms of quality and standard.


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