Runway Liberia 3rd Edition Announced


Runway Liberia, the biggest Liberia fashion event in the US, has announced its 3rd edition, which will showcase top Liberia fashion designers and their collections at the Baltimore War Memorial in Maryland.

In a statement issued to LIB Life by Junda Morris-Kennedy, founder of Runway Liberia, it said the event showcases Liberia’s fashion, music and arts on an international platform.

She added: “Runway Liberia is a multifaceted event established to promote the social, cultural and economic development initiatives of Liberia to a global audience through fashion and entertainment; serves as a collaborative catwalk and exhibition, highlighting the industry’s established and emerged Liberian and International designers.

“Our theme, ‘Branding and Empowering of the Liberian Fashion Industry Globally,’ is brought to life as we honor Liberians who have contributed to the growth of the fashion industry and promote music from Liberia and around the world.

“This year we introduce the International Kids Fashion Showcase, and present the 1st Runway Liberia International ‘Courage Award!’ to our alumina model Ms. Trina Lashawn, who has been fighting colon rectal cancer.”

The 2017 Showcase will also feature top designers from around the world, presenting exquisite garments and accessories, world class entertainment and exhibits of art and luxury products and services.

For more information on designers showing at RWLIB, please visit

Every year Runway Liberia honors Liberians that have contributed to the growth of the Liberian fashion Industry. And this year list includes, Garmai Klee, Maisie Dunbar, Philip Kekula and Chris Collins.


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